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Clone-a-willy Kit Vibrating

Empire Labs  |  UPC: 763290888528

$53.99 $73.99
Color: Black
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Product Overview

  • Kit includes full instructions and all materials required to make your very own replica of yours or your partner’s penis
  • A vibrating, battery powered vibration unit is included to incorporate into the project
  • Cutting edge, latest silicone and casting technology provides superior quality of materials and equipment needed for true likeness
  • Nature-based, algae formula gives a non-toxic and safe casting medium, with medical grade silicone for final product
  • Ideal way to enhance intimacy and have a keepsake/memento to share with your partner
  • Suits couples who are often apart for work or long distance etc

Product Description

This kit includes everything you’ll need to make an exact, vibrating replica of your own penis, cast in medical grade silicone. The same, high quality materials are used as those in bestselling vibrators from the stores. Yes, the Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating is your ticket to ‘Twin Dong City.’ This kit is identical to the original and bestselling Clone-A-Willy Kit.

The same technology used in the latest film and television special effects (makeup and prosthesis) is integrated into the state-of-the-art medical grade silicone and nature-based molding compound used in the Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating.

Simply add water to the specialized, algae-based, natural casting agent and pour into the tube. It will set in a short time, so be ready to dip your stiff wick snugly and completely into the tube until the molding compound sets, then withdraw. It is recommended you shave/wax (completely) beforehand.

Once you’ve made your tubular impression of your own erection, the special silicone formula is mixed and poured into the mold. This is the point where the vibrating unit (included in the kit) can be added to the base of your Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating, to make it a truly memorable cast of your dong in a stunning finish!

After 24 hours cure time, the Clone-A-Willy Kit Vibrating is ready to use, and is a safe, phthalate and silicone-free, nonporous, non-toxic, high quality dong/vibrator that should provide many countless hours of pleasure for you or your partner. Clean up is as easy as any other quality latex product, with full care instructions provided.

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Clone-a-willy Kit Vibrating
Empire Labs

Clone-a-willy Kit Vibrating

From $53.99 $73.99







9" - 12"

Insertable Length

9" - 12"


2" - 3"



Power Type

Battery Powered


Waterproof, Flexible, Vibrating
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