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Cleanline Stainless Steel Shower Enema

Si Novelties  |  UPC: 752875600006

$57.99 $94.99
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Product Overview

  • Surgical stainless steel construction offers hygienic and an at home, conveniently private, anal/vaginal douche or enema
  • 58-inch long, segmented, stainless steel hose for ease of use/reach, without being cumbersome or bulky
  • Set contains two comfortable heads
  • Useful for either douche or enema in solid stainless steel
  • Can be easily installed as a permanent feature in your bathroom wet area
  • Enables personal and coupled hygiene/cleanliness for anal play or for at home colonic irrigation

Product Description

The medical grade stainless steel construction of the Clean Line shower enema includes solid fittings, comfortable attachments and a 58 inch, segmented, flexible hose for ease of reach and use. Perfect for freshening up or getting ready for intimate play, the shower enema set is also easy to install and fits any faucet.

Part of good fun is peace of mind. Keeping fresh, hygienic and clean in your ‘fun department’ makes it even more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about surprising yourself, or a hot new prospect or partner. In truth, you won’t want anything untoward showing because you didn’t clean yourself before play time.

A bidet, or light enema is the perfect way to refresh and cleanse yourself anally or vaginally. We all have a shower, but cleaning yourself safely and effectively (internally) is a paramount aspect, especially when planning any anal play. The shower enema set is the ultimate in convenience, letting you have a quick refresh, or a deep, colonic, enema experience, all in the convenient privacy of your own bathroom.

The shower enema comes equipped with two comfortable nozzles, each suited for either anal or vaginal douche/enema. The whole set is solidly constructed from surgical stainless steel, and features a flexible, segmented hose which is long enough to be easy to use and convenient for reach, but isn’t a bulky or cumbersome effort to use or install.

The shower enema set is perfect for those looking for a convenient way to keep it clean, or for those seeking an economical and permanent way to enjoy the benefits of regular enemas or colonic irrigation in the privacy of their own bathrooms at home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Can’t imagine going back to enema bags

Before this I was using an enema bag and now I can’t imagine going back to that. The nozzle feels well-made and you won’t have to worry about chipping.
The shower head adapter is solid and works perfectly. Make sure you increase the pressure slowly!!

Blast is too strong if the valve is too tight

Be wary of how much you tighten the valve so the blast isn’t too strong. That said, this beats enema bags by a long shot.

Fixing is tedious

Take care to fix it well if you’re using the shower head. If you don’t, water will come out of the enema AND the shower.

Finally made the purchase; no regrets

I've always wanted to invest in one of these shower enema systems, but I never actually made the purchase. My partner was interested as well and we bought it together. It’s very easy to set up. There is no leakage, which is awesome.

Cleanline Stainless Steel Shower Enema
Si Novelties

Cleanline Stainless Steel Shower Enema

$57.99 $94.99







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