Cal Exotics Anal Douche

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Product Overview

  • Easy to use, compact and a glow in the dark applicator douche bulb
  • Perfect for quickly freshening up, for travel, or for keeping handy if expecting adventurous fun or planning a play date
  • Use over and over, with easy to clean and maintain, body-safe and hygienic materials that are durable as well as low maintenance
  • The 2.5 inches of insertable probe is 0.25 inches wide, making it easiest for any size or gender to use anally or vaginally
  • Use multiple refills whilst retaining for a full, enema style cleanse, or make it part of your relax/prep for a full-on anal play session

Product Description

This anal douche features a fully flexible, TPR refillable bulb and features a fixed ABS glow-in-the-dark applicator nozzle, so you’ll be sure to have no problems freshening up or having a full cleanse, no matter where you are. Easily refilled for multiple applications for a deep cleanse, or enema based fun, this is the simplest, most effective anal douche out there. Compact, portable and discreet, it’s ideal for travel, or to keep on hand for those times where you know it might just be what’s required.

It’s an easy thing to skip, but adequately prepping and cleaning back there can ruin more than a moment. Being prepared and having something like this portable and compact anal douche on hand helps overcome many unforeseen situations, and lets you breathe easy knowing it’s there if you need it. This is a perfectly suitable device for use by any gender, with the applicator being ideal for anal douching, but can be used with equal success vaginally as well.

Great to use on the go, during travel, or for cleansing before play that also gets you in the mood, where many enema style products or full cleanses just won’t. This can be a source of pleasure and relief on its own or used as part of your preparation, relaxation and cleansing ritual before a big date, going out on the town, or simply enjoying yourself at home (or away).

An anal douche is now a staple requirement for pegging and anal playing couples who want to explore and experience the exciting and climax-enhancing potential it brings. This is perfect to have a couple on hand, for each partner to refresh and cleanse themselves properly before playtime, making it fun and with no fears or awkward moments that can ruin the moment.

Product Details


Total Length: 7.7 inches
Insertable Length: 2.5-inch attachment
Width: 0.25-inch attachments
Product Weight: 4.6 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible bulb, solid attachment
Material: TPR, polypropylene attachments
Color: Red bulb, glow in the dark applicator
Texture: Smooth bulb and applicator
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual squeeze bulb
Shape: Bulb, non-phallic attachments
Power Type: Manual squeeze bulb/water pressure
Features: Compact, glow in the dark applicator, discreet, portable
Powerful: N/A

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