B-Vibe Weighted Snug Plug 1


Color: Pink
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The b-Vibe Snug Plug 1 is an ultra-comfortable, 2 oz weighted butt plug that is designed to provide a sensual feeling of fullness. Wear during partner sex or enjoy discreetly for extended wear stimulation. Snug Plugs are made of body-safe, seamless silicone and feature a think, flexible neck and smooth grip handle. Snug Plugs feature a totally unique torpedo shape.

The soft ridges of the plug provide internal stimulation of the anal canal as they move inside the body. A long thin, flexible neck, smooth grip handle, and soft seamless silicone make Snug Plugs the most comfortable plugs for long-wear use and extended stimulation. Wear for hours while walking, sitting, and doing normal activity. Enjoy Snug Plugs discreetly for extended wear stimulation or wear one during partner sex. The added pressure of having something in your bum will produce two-curling orgasmic sensations.

Color: Black, Fuchsia
Insertable Size: 3.4 in
Diameter: 0.8 in
Weight: 2 oz
Neck Diameter: 0.4 in
Neck Length: 1.5 in
Circumference: 2.7 in
Sensation: Weighted
Material: Seamless Silicone

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