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Wicked Sensual Care

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Wicked Sensual Care lubricants accomplish one simple yet very important thing – they make sex better.

Natural extracts and hydrating ingredients are added to each formula to enhance effectiveness. All of the Wicked Sensual Care personal lubes are glycerin and propylene-glycol free to produce that delicious slippery sensation without the risk of irritation.

The brand’s lubes are divided in several collections – a water-based lubes, premium silicone lubes and enhancers that aim to increase sensitivity during sex. Wicked Sensual Care also makes sex toy cleaners that simplify sanitization and make the maintenance of perfect hygiene hassle-free.

Wicked Sensual Care also aims to educate and make intimate experiences better for everyone. The company’s resident sex educator Jessica Drake crafts high-quality informative content and how-to guides that shed some light on common and important intimacy questions.

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