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SpareParts HardWear

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Shop SpareParts HardWear Strap-On Harnesses

SpareParts HardWear is more than just a cool name. The company specializes in designing and constructing functional and sturdy underwear style harnesses for both men and women.

Comfort, quality, and flexibility are the principles behind every SpareParts HardWear creation. The company delivers on its promise with harnesses made from soft materials and designed to ensure an optimal fit.

From underwear-style harnesses to minimalist creations, each one is made available to a certain demographic. Regardless of the aesthetics, the brand’s harnesses ensure stability and put the wearer in the driver’s seat.

SpareParts HardWear also specializes in strapless designs that offer the most comfort and versatility. Several models are provided with interchangeable O-rings that allow for convenient harness use with dildos of different shapes and sizes.

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