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Enjoy Added Pleasure Everywhere You Go with a Discreet & Small Vibrator

Size does matter when it comes to great sex but very often, amazing things come in small packages. A tiny vibrator can pack a powerful punch, especially with this selection of small sex toys.

Let’s face it –a massive dildo or a rabbit vibrator may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Small vibrators can be an excellent alternative. They have numerous settings, they ensure targeted vibrations and they can lead to mind-blowing orgasms.

Whether you’re looking for a masturbation sex toy or something fun to add to your sex routine with a partner, a small vibrator is certain not to disappoint.

Small Vibrators FAQ

What Functions Should I Look for in a Small Vibrator?

A small vibrator can give you a lot if you choose the right functionalities. Varying intensity of the vibrations is one of the primary essentials that will give you versatility. Go slow for a bit of gentle stimulation or faster to have a quick orgasm before blissfully falling asleep.

Also, decide if you want a product for clitoral stimulation, for penetration or both. All three possibilities are readily available.

Is a Small Vibrator Better Than a Bigger One?

That depends on what you want. Some women need the intensity that bigger toys like G-spot vibrators to have an intense orgasm. Others prefer gentler stimulation that builds up. Some are threatened by the size of large toys, others aren’t.

Ask yourself what you’d like to get from your sex toy. It’s also important to think about what you like during sex or masturbation. If clitoral stimulation is your main thing and you want a portable quiet vibrator to use everywhere you go, a discreet and small vibrator would be the best pick for you.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Use a Discreet Vibrator?

A small discreet vibrator can be used against the clitoris or for insertion. These options aren’t the only ones, however.

Use the small vibrator on your erogenous zones and get creative. Your neck, your breasts, your arms, your tummy and thighs are just a few options. The vibrations can also please your partner, so don’t be afraid to use your small vibrator on him or her.

Can I Incorporate a Small Vibrator in Partnered Sex?

Yes, just use your imagination!

And here’s one practical tip – because of its size, a small vibrator is amazing to use during oral sex. Let your partner apply it to your vulva or perineum. When you go down on him, press the bullet vibrator against your cheek. We guarantee this is an experience he has never had in his life.

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