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Screaming O Stretchy Erection RingScreaming O Stretchy Erection Ring
Screaming O Stretchy Erection Ring
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Screaming O Female Finger VibratorScreaming O Female Finger Vibrator
Screaming O Two Finger VibratorScreaming O Two Finger Vibrator
Screaming O Two Finger Vibrator
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Scream Out Your Orgasm with a Screaming O Sex Toy

The name says it all – be prepared to scream out your delight with the pleasurable Screaming O sex toys. This collection houses the world’s most popular vibrating ring! Get one yourself to find out why it’s equally popular among the receivers as it is among the wearers.

Screaming O’s product selection also provides rumbling fun through vibes for women, sexual enhancement toys for couples to explore and male sex toys. Browse through their body safe options with strong, low rumbling, multi-function power and features like remote control, ergonomic form, discreet lipstick design, vibrating panty sets and tiny finger vibrators that are packed with fun.

If you still have questions, we’ve answered some common ones down below.

Screaming O Sex Toys FAQ

What are cock rings?

Cock rings are sex toys made to fit around the penis or penis and testicles (depending on his preference) to enhance sexual intimacy in a variety of ways. Similar to how a corset enhances a woman’s natural curves, a cock ring can showcase the penis and testicles by making their shape and size appear more pronounced. Because most cock rings offer some form of tight constriction at the base of the penis, many men believe they can slow blood flow throughout the penis and help them last longer during sex.

How do you wear a cock ring?

First and foremost, the wearer has to have a penis. A cock ring is worn at the base of the penis around the shaft and the testicles. It is put on before sexual activity – when the penis is erect or semi-erect – so that by the time he’s raring to go, the cock ring will be safely and securely in place and stay put.

If there’s a vibrator or extra stimulator attached to the ring, be sure to position it to be able to make contact with your favorite sensitive spots. For example, clitoral vibrators should almost always be positioned on top while perineum (aka taint) massagers or testicle ticklers should be positioned underneath. Switching it up can be fun, however, and there’s almost never just one way to wear a vibrating cock ring.

How does the ‘world’s most popular vibrating ring’ differ from other cock rings?

The main thing that made Screaming O’s vibrating ring stand out from the rest is the fact that it was designed with both players’ ultimate pleasure in mind. It stimulates the receiver with pinpointed pleasure by making the penis feel like a vibrating toy, while giving the wearer some extra stimulation, taking pleasure to the highest limit. It’s affordable, fun, body-safe and seriously sexy.

What are the toys made from?

Screaming O is committed to only offering products that are body safe and independently tested by a leading US laboratory. Most Screaming O products are made of True Silicone™.

Are the products under warranty?

Yes! All Screaming-O products come with a 2-year limited warranty. If for any reason your product fails to function properly, just contact them directly and they’ll replace it for you with zero hassles. To take advantage of the warranty, register your product on the manufacturer website within 30 days of your original purchase date using this register form.