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British adult products brand Nexus is known for ergonomic, even slightly futuristic designs. The streamlined silhouettes set Nexus toys apart from the competition, ensuring an optimal experience every time.

The Nexus product catalog consists of toys for both men and women. Some sex toys that make Nexus popular include prostate massagersanal douches, and many more.

Unlike some other major brands, Nexus has decided to keep its portfolio on the smaller side. However, each item in the collection is designed to maximize pleasure while also delivering unparalleled safety.

The Nexus journey started in 2005, and the primary goal was to develop high-quality sex toys for men. The company released a single product – a high-quality prostate massager. The innovative design quickly resulted in several industry awards. Today, that original concept has been expanded, and the number of offerings that Nexus clients can choose from has grown exponentially.

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