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Doxy has become synonymous with a powerful, orgasmic wand massager. The British line of products was launched in 2013 for a curious reason – the fact that the original Magic Wand became impossible to find in the UK.

Today, Doxy has carved its own niche with a portfolio of wands ranging from luxury vibrators to compact and travel-friendly options. Doxy also makes stylish bullet vibes from ultra-sleek anodized aluminum.

One cool thing that Doxy also gives its clients is the chance to have their ideal wand custom built at the company’s factory in Cornwall. Clients can choose from over 200,000 color combinations, as well as from distinctive collar and button features.

All of the Doxy wand massagers have a solid metal head that is covered in platinum-cured silicone. The heft of the cast and the smoothness of the silicone allow Doxy massagers to hit the right spot in the most orgasmic way.

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