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King Cock Small Realistic Dildo
$17.99 $30.99

Enjoy Pleasure, Portability and Comfort with a Small Dildo

Bigger isn’t always better and a small dildo proves the claim. It’s one of the most versatile toys out there and a definite must-have if you’re looking for sex toy collection staples. Slim dildos can be very fulfilling, especially if you choose the right size and shape. Some of them can also vibrate to ensure a bit of additional stimulation. Needless to say, a slim dildo can be used alongside other sex toys (for example – for external clitoral stimulation) to make the range of possibilities even bigger.

The small dildos available at HotCherry are crafted from the finest materials. Not only that, these toys can enhance your sex life in a number of ways. We have curved little dildos for G-spot and P-spot stimulation, slim dildos made of cyberskin and other super realistic materials, anal play toys, vibrating dildos and training kits, to name a few. We also have small glass dildos, thick and small realistic black dildos as well as more streamlined and modernized options that stray away from realism.

A Small Dildo Allows You to Get Down to Business Immediately

Using a larger toy can involve quite a lot of prep work. This isn’t the case when you’re using a slim dildo. If you’re properly aroused, you can get down to business immediately. A dildo that has a modest size will feel super good due to its non-threatening nature. It will also be amazing for all kinds of sex and you wouldn’t have to buy multiple dildos for those.

Slim realistic dildos are available in so many varieties. Getting two toys made from different materials (like cyberskin and glass) will result in completely different sensations. One feels like being with an actual lover. The stiffness of the other will ensure very targeted and intense stimulation. Glass can also be heated or cooled down, adding yet another dimension to the sexual experience.

Do understand the fact that the length of a dildo isn’t the most determining factor for your pleasure. The thickness is. When shopping for a realistic small dildo, always pay attention to the girth. A thick dildo will give you a pleasant stretch and it will hit all the right spots. Depending on the material that you’ve chosen, however, you probably shouldn’t go too thick. If you do and you’re an inexperienced user, you’ll need to work your way up to using the toy.

A slim dildo is also a perfect choice for anal sex and prostate massages. Even people with lots of experience tend to opt for such dildos as far as anal play is concerned. You can use a realistic slim dildo with a harness if you’d like to bring a partner into the equation or you can pair it with an external stimulation toy. Using a dildo and a clit vibrator simultaneously (just one idea – you can go for so many other pairs) will give you such intense sensations that you’ll be moaning.

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