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Product Overview

  • A 22 inch, natural blonde look pony tail butt plug
  • Perfect accessory for every blonde, or for the mix and match stylist in you
  • Soft, spade shaped and delicately tapered, the TPR plug is the perfect size, shape and dimensions for those new to, or experienced in anal play
  • No harnesses or straps, batteries or cords, just a literal plug ‘n’ play scenario
  • Instant fun that is visually exciting as well as stimulating
  • Length of the pony tail creates a natural and erotic ‘drag’ to the internal movement of the plug
  • This product makes everything from walking to dancing and lovemaking even more of a turn on as it continuously arouses you internally
  • Begging for cosplay, dress ups or fantasy role play as much as it is an everyday wear item
  • For your own pleasure, or to share, it’s a blonde moment worth having

Product Description

This blonde pony tail butt plug is made for you if you have ever wanted stunningly long, golden and flowing locks. It can enhance your existing style if you are blonde, or take you to a new level of satisfaction as you parade your proud, blonde tail, to yourself, an audience, or your drooling partner, as they get worked up beyond belief at the sight of you showing off this sexy pony tail butt plug.

Feel it swish between your legs, across your most intimate and sensitive regions. Let it fall as it might over your partner’s face as you straddle them, letting them gently tug at the tail, making the internal plug pulse and quiver against your G-spot, just as you reach a shuddering climax.

Sensibly sized to suit any gender and from beginner to seasoned plug wearer alike, the pony tail butt plug in blonde is a statement as well as a perfect introduction to, or extension of your own exploration and enjoyment of anal stimulation.

Easy maintenance plug and tail; makes it even easier and more fun to use and enjoy on a regular basis. Not only for cosplay or fantasy dress ups, it can be used daily, or simply worn around the house for your own pleasure and to drive your partner wild with an everyday excitement. Yes, one which keeps the relationship fresh and new every day!

Product Details


Length: 22 inches total length
Plug Diameter: 1.45 inches at largest point
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
Weight: 7.52 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: TPR, nylon fiber
Color: Blonde, black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes, see care instructions for tail fibers

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Spade/tail
Power Type: Manual/internal pressure
Powerful: Yes

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