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Product Overview

  • Graduating size, set of 3, premium (nickel free), metal alloy tapered plugs with purple flower design gems set into each base
  • Perfect for use by beginners or experienced players of any gender!
  • A truly unisex product that makes a statement with its unique design
  • Tapered tips and perfectly weighted, each end features a flower petal design with 4, heart-shaped, multi-faceted, deep purple acrylic gems
  • Solid and nickel free alloy construction, will retain their luster even after continued use or use in water
  • Can be enjoyed for extended periods or for playtime/show only!
  • Comforting fit sees many users wearing them everyday

Product Description

This floral, heart themed anal plug set features three premium tapered (nickel free) alloy plugs in a stunning silver finish, set with flower petal design; multi-cut, heart-shaped, deep purple acrylic gemstones in each base. Sleek and fixed, the perfectly weighted sizing suits users of all skill levels and genders. Enjoy on your own, adding a sense of luxury to you own stimulation, or share with your partner, giving them a special invitation or show with these stunning silver accessories…

Variety is the key to keeping the excitement in life, and your own sensual expression is no different. Surprise your partner, or maybe yourself, with just how hot and sexy you can look, or by suddenly popping one of these in during your next erotic interlude. Apart from looking great, the solid plugs do wonders for stamina, arousal and of course, explosive climax potential for any user. Used in conjunction with intercourse, oral or solo/shared manual stimulation, it won’t be long before these could be the new must-have accessory to keep close at all times.

Delicately tapered; easy to enjoy for first timers or regular players, these beauties have luster, and like the flowers on the base they won’t wilt or lose their sheen with usage. The anal plug set makes the perfect gift, and with a choice of sizes, even those or their partners who are maybe on the fence about anal play, will be thrilled to find a size that’s not only comfy, but sensual and erotically pleasing to both partners as well!

Product Details


Total Length: Small; 2.6 inches, medium; 3.2 inches, large; 3.8 inches
Insertable Length: Small; 2.4 inches, medium; 3 inches, large; 3.4 inches
Diameter: Small; 1 inch, medium; 1.3 inches, large; 1.6 inches
Girth: Small; 3.14 inches, medium; 4.08 inches, large; 5.3 inches
Product Weight: 12.8 oz. set


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Nickel-free aluminum alloy, acrylic/ABS
Color: Silver, purple
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Spade,flowers
Power Type: Manual, static plug
Powerful: Assortment

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