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Everything You Need to Know About Male Vibrators

Ultimate Guide to Male Vibrators

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Male vibrators aim to replicate the sensations a man would feel during sexual intercourse. So, with male vibrators, the man can relax and enjoy the moment fully.

Male vibrators can vary quite a bit in design and can range from simple vibrating cock rings to other models that fully enclose the shaft and bombard it with vibrating stimulation.

Other new sex toy models incorporate vibrations around the testicles for increased pleasure, while some are designed for prostate massage. This type is not for everyone, but all in all, generally speaking, penis vibrators have gained the most attention around the world.

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What Are Male Vibrators?

Male vibrators are toys that are specifically designed as a means of stimulating male erogenous zones. They do this by sending a series of vibrations and pulses around the sensitive parts of the shaft and on some models; they aim to focus on the frenulum, the elastic-like tissue under the glans of the penis.

These models are all similar in the function where they wrap around the shaft. This gives a chance for men to have a hands-free orgasm if they so wish, or even being ideal to use with their partner.

Men can now share the same experiences as women, and have their own vibrator which can be packed during traveling or just for private use at home, when they want to feel an overwhelming climax.

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Types of Male Vibrators

There are many types of male vibrators on the market, and all of them aim to do the same thing. Increase the power of stimulation and orgasm in men.

All the types of male vibrators basically fall into four groups. This is because there are so many models, but they tend to function in the same way. Here they are, broken down for you…

Cock rings – In their most simple form, these cock rings are placed around the base of the shaft to hold blood in the penis. These lead to longer and harder erections. The upmarket versions now come with a built in vibrator that sends pulses into the hard shaft. Some also come in a rabbit design to stimulate a partner during intercourse.

Manual vibrators – These are often in the form of a tube or a sleeve which encases the shaft. Sensations and vibrations are sent out as the man masturbates in the same way, so the entire shaft receives the same feelings. These strokers are often open-ended and are not intended to imitate a vagina, mostly because they are more focused on stimulating the shaft.

Hands-free vibrators – This type of vibrator requires no stroking of the shaft as the device provides all the stimulation necessary. They are slipped around the shaft, and the variable vibrations take over to bring the man to climax without any need for him to use his hands at all.

Anal vibrators – These are not made for the pleasure of anal sex, they are built for prostate stimulation. These are similar to female vibrators which are intended for anal pleasure, but curve upward so as to reach and stimulate the prostate.

How to Choose the Best Male Vibrator for You

When choosing a male vibrator, the first and foremost factor to consider is penis size. After this, you will need to determine the materials used, and the texture.

Once you are on the way to your decision, you can then start to decide if you want a manual type, or if you want a hands-free, automatic vibrator.

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Choosing the right size is critical in both directions. Too big and you won’t receive the right amount of stimulation, and if you choose one that’s too small, you will find you can’t get your penis inside it comfortably.

The majority of male vibrators can cater for men who have a penis size of between 3 and 7 inches. Choosing the right size will bring lots of happiness, sexually, and more intense orgasms too.

Next to look at are the shape and the materials used in construction. Some men prefer silicone while others find rubber more appealing. It should be noted, both of these materials can simulate the feeling of a vagina.

The shape is also important because there are models which are made to resemble mouths, vaginas or an anus. This will come down to a matter of taste.

If you are looking for a prostate vibrator, you will need to consider the size and shape more carefully. You also need to consider if they are hands-free or require holding. It can be challenging to masturbate while trying to stop your prostate vibrator from moving in the wrong direction.

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What Are the Benefits

There is plenty of health benefits associated with frequent masturbation. From being able to help reduce stress by the release of endorphins, to clearing out the man’s internal ‘pipes,’ which leads to healthier sperm production.

Male vibrators actually help make these health benefits more enjoyable. They can also help with erectile dysfunction due to lost penis sensitivity, or they can give a guy a boost in confidence if he suffers from premature ejaculation. He can train himself to last longer before orgasm, so when he is having intercourse, he can stay the distance.

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The quick benefits a man will receive are:

Hands-free orgasms – Depending upon the design of the vibrator, a man can focus the vibrations around the head of his penis, or further down the shaft. Once he wraps the vibrator around his member, there is no need for him to touch himself to achieve an orgasm.

Stronger and longer erections – Erections will become harder with this additional stimulation. This is achieved quicker when the stimuli are on the underside of the penis. Erections also last longer because there are lots more sensations, and there is a lot more blood flow to the penis too.

Multi-point pleasure – Masturbation in men can take on a whole new meaning. You can massage various parts such as the perineum, scrotum, or, if you want, you can also opt for a prostate vibrator.

Pleasure for partners – Male vibrators no longer need to be a solitary activity. They are a great adult toy that can bring plenty of fun between couples. If your partner likes to watch you come, then bingo! 

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Some Safety Considerations

Like all penis toys, there are some safety considerations you need to think about when using a male vibrator. If you choose the most basic vibrator in the form of a cock ring, this does restrict blood circulation, so you should not use one for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

With the larger male vibrators, there are cautions which concern the powering of the device. If they are rechargeable, never use them while they are plugged in to charge, and they should never be used around water unless they are sold as waterproof --not only water resistant.

Prostate massagers need to have a flared base. This prevents them from being sucked inside the body during play. Make sure you use the right toy that’s made for the area being targeted.

One of the most significant factors to consider is numbness of the penis or desensitization. Because there are variable speeds on many male vibrators, faster and stronger doesn’t always equate to better, if used on this full strength all the time. So test it out and see what works best for you.

Additionally, because the inner parts are designed, these can lead to chafing or irritation if the wrong or incorrect amount of lubrication is used. Any skin irritation, rashes, sores, or abrasions can quickly develop into an infection. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s suggestions. Too much lubrication is better than the alternatives.

Materials used in construction should also be a consideration. The sex toy industry isn’t regulated, so purchasing body safe materials is a must. This can help alleviate any allergic reactions. Be sure none of the materials are porous because these can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Always buy from a reputable company that cares about their customers.

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Cleaning & Storage Tips

Cleaning male sex toys isn’t the easiest thing to do. Male vibrators can be one of the most difficult to keep clean, but it is a necessity to prolong the life of your toy and to prevent any bacteria from accumulating.

Here are some brief instructions on how you can care for your male vibrators:

Make sure you thoroughly clean your male vibrator before and after each use. You can rinse them in warm-to-hot water, and you can also purchase sex toy cleaner that delivers antibacterial properties.

Make sure you give your male vibrators a thorough washing after use. This means getting out any remaining drops of semen which might be trapped inside the device.

Dry your device thoroughly, and make sure you only use lint-free materials. Paper towels can leave bits of paper stuck on the inside of your vibrator.

Silicone male vibrators should never be used with silicone lubrication. Always use water-based lubricators for these types. If you have any concern, it is better to use water-based so as to not affect the surface of your vibrator.

If you have a prostate massager, make sure you clean this thoroughly. And if you are using this in the presence of a partner, never let it touch other areas of the body before being cleaned. Never share toys either, STIs and nasty germs can spread. Adult toys should never touch other specific types of materials because they can become damaged.

Once you have cleaned your male vibrator, you need to make sure it’s thoroughly dry. The place where you want to store them should be away from extreme hot or cold temperatures, and locations which contain high humidity as well.

Not only can male sex toys become deformed from hot or high humidity places, but because of their enclosed nature, it can be possible for mold to grow on the inside.

When storing sex toys, the materials used in their construction dictate how they can be stored. If they are made from soft, flexible materials such as silicone, jelly rubber, TPR, or TPE they should never be allowed to touch another sex toy. Over time, these materials can begin to stick together.

Many manufacturers will supply storage bags or cases, and after you have your male vibrator stored in this way, it should be placed in a storage box for extra care.

Placing a male vibrator in a sock drawer is not a very good idea. Lint and fluff can find its way into the inside, and from here, bacteria can quickly grow and lead to a mold infestation.

You can also purchase sex toy storage bags which contain an antibacterial agent on the inside. When these are used, they can prevent these bacterial infestations and are also great options for keeping your sex toys dust and lint free.

Common Questions People Ask

Is there a risk of irritation on my penis?

There is a slight risk. To minimize this, make sure you are not allergic to the lube you use. Be sure to use enough lube when masturbating, and make sure the male vibrator is the correct size and you are not using it on too strong a setting.

Will I last longer in bed with a male vibrator?

There are two ways male vibrators can help you last longer in bed. Some men use a vibrator a couple of hours before they are going to have intercourse. This will help the delay of orgasm. Others use a male vibrator as a means of edging, and this is where they masturbate to the point of orgasm and prevent themselves from going any further. Doing this on a regular basis can help you control when you orgasm, and thus, you can last longer in bed. Pretty cool, huh?

How should I use my male vibrator?

Most of these are easy to use, but there are some steps you need to take. Some models might require warming before use, but generally, you need plenty of lube on both your erect penis and inside the vibrator tube. The entrance hole to the vibrator might appear small, depending on the type of vibrator, but they generally expand to accommodate a range of penis sizes. Once you have eased your penis into the vibrator, you can position it until you find the most comfortable position for you. Now you can experiment with your pleasure in mind. Sounds fun, right?

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