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Maid To Tease Costume SetMaid To Tease Costume Set
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Crotchless Lace BoyshortCrotchless Lace Boyshort
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Plunge Lace TeddyPlunge Lace Teddy
Plunge Lace Teddy
$24.99 $44.99
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Crotchless Lace V-ThongCrotchless Lace V-Thong
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Flight Risk Sheer BodystockingFlight Risk Sheer Bodystocking
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Put Out My Fire SetPut Out My Fire Set
Put Out My Fire Set
$23.99 $44.99
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Leopard Print ChemiseLeopard Print Chemise
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Made The Cut BodystockingMade The Cut Bodystocking
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Crotchless Daydream ThongCrotchless Daydream Thong
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Smiffy The Fever WigSmiffy The Fever Wig
Smiffy The Fever Wig
$41.99 $79.99
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Rene Rofe Play Bondage TeddyRene Rofe Play Bondage Teddy
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Rene Rofe Hot Short Zip BodysuitRene Rofe Hot Short Zip Bodysuit
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Harem Slave CostumeHarem Slave Costume
Harem Slave Costume
$28.99 $49.99
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All Night Wrong DressAll Night Wrong Dress
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Deluxe Playboy Bunny KitDeluxe Playboy Bunny Kit
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Escante Euphoria Lattice Bra SetEscante Euphoria Lattice Bra Set
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Seamless Floral Pattern BodystockingSeamless Floral Pattern Bodystocking
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Sheer Lace ChemiseSheer Lace Chemise
Sheer Lace Chemise
$29.99 $45.99
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Coquette Fashion Stretch Lace Kitty Teddy & MaskCoquette Fashion Stretch Lace Kitty Teddy & Mask
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Working Late Pinstripe CostumeWorking Late Pinstripe Costume
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Ruched Sheer Front Zipper ChemiseRuched Sheer Front Zipper Chemise
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Satin Robe & Chemise SetSatin Robe & Chemise Set
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Kitten Lindsey Croc & Eyelash Lace SetKitten Lindsey Croc & Eyelash Lace Set
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Wig Cap - NudeWig Cap - Nude
Wig Cap - Nude
$4.99 $9.99
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Lace & Netting Bra SetLace & Netting Bra Set
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Floral Lace Flutter Bra SetFloral Lace Flutter Bra Set

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Get Into the Mood with Sexy Lingerie

Good sex starts long before you get down to business. It’s about visual pleasure, it’s about teasing and showing a lover what’s next to come.

Lingerie is one of the must-haves for an experience that starts right. Alongside foreplay toys like a finger vibrator or a butt plug, a beautiful lingerie set can give you a night you’ll always remember.

Even if you’ve never worn lingerie before, the silky fabric and the seductive lace will quickly boost your confidence and make you feel sexier than ever before. Lingerie isn’t just for your partner, it’s also a great way to get in the mood and prepare for a fun experience.

Lingerie FAQ

Is Sexy Lingerie Uncomfortable?

No! Most models and styles are very comfy to enable the full enjoyment of the wearer. There are silky nighties and cute top and shorts sets that don’t restrict you in any way.

If you’re thinking of discomfort, you’re probably imagining a corset and garter set. Even these, when made by a reputable manufacturer and out of quality materials, can feel incredibly empowering and supportive.

How Should I Care for My Lingerie?

Proper care is essential to increase the lifespan of your lingerie.

Do wash your lingerie every one to three wears. Follow the label instructions for washing drying and ironing. Some delicate fabrics are only to be hand-washed. A mild detergent that’s especially formulated for delicate fabrics could be a good choice.

You don’t need to use fabric softener with lingerie.

I Feel Stupid about Trying on Lingerie. What Should I Do?

Today, you’ll find beautiful lingerie sets for all body types and shapes. These will accentuate your curves, show off your body in the best possible way and make you feel sexy.

If you’re worried about wearing lingerie on a night with a lover, get in the habit of having a sexy set on by yourself. Check out your reflection in the mirror and compliment your body. The more you normalize the experience, the more confident you’ll feel when the big moment arrives.

Can I Wear Lingerie Daily?

Many women do!

Having something sexy and lacy underneath your office clothes will keep you in a state of arousal throughout the day. You’re going to be much more confident, you’ll feel sexier and more feminine throughout the day (if that’s your goal).

To use lingerie daily, make sure it’s crafted from high quality materials and also – get the size right for the perfect fit.