Apollo Penis Girth Sleeve

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Product Overview

  • Simple and easy to use device, ribbed (and ring-based) penis girth sleeve
  • Raised nubs and a contoured tip, as well as thickening your existing erection
  • Now you may give further stimulation to your partner with each stroke, allowing the majority of your own penis to be felt, especially the tip
  • Ideal for those wanting to begin with a C-ring, without a fully enclosed steel ring
  • TPR material stretches, and the dual, semi-circle, steel ring at the base expands comfortably as it stretches
  • May assist in maintaining a stronger, harder erection for longer, and controlling premature or unwanted climax by extending ‘go’ time
  • A perfect accessory to introduce into shared sex without weirding out your partner wears just like a condom (but isn’t)
  • Adding more pleasure and sensations as well as length of arousal is a win-win!

Product Description

You want to add some extra stimulation, but you don’t want to make it a song and dance show, your partner loves you the way you’re made, but it’s time to shift up a gear for a change, and nothing too weird. The penis girth sleeve doubles as a stimulator with added girth, and also serves as a useful C-ring, fortified at the base with a safe and welcoming design featuring two semi-circles of stainless steel, which allows plenty of stretch and play between them as the sleeve conforms to your ‘member.’

The ergonomic tip of the penis girth sleeve allows natural and fluid penetration of your own manhood through it, making it a part of the show; not the feature itself. The sides are dotted with raised nubs, and with the added thickness on your shaft, they further excite your partner with each thrusting stroke. And all the while, they still get to feel the ‘real’ you up top, so your large erection is now even harder than ever, thanks to the firm yet comfortable ring system at the base.

Perfectly suited to anal or vaginal penetration, the body safe penis girth sleeve can also be used in conjunction with other C-rings, or forms adornment, each adding a new dimension to the sensations for your partner, all while making you harder for longer, and able to control climax better, too.

Simple, yet so effective, and easy to put on and keep on, without being too tight or dangerous. With your good self as the only moving part, it requires no batteries and is portable as well as discreet. The perfect surprise for a partner, without weirding them out or making them feel too uncomfortable by bringing out a huge dildo or blow up doll. Yes, this is sexy fun at a safe and manageable level, with the benefits speaking for themselves…


Total Length: 3.5"
Width: 1.5"


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: TPR, stainless steel
Color: Smoke
Texture: Smooth, raised and ribbed with nubs
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual
Features: Flexible, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof

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