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Welcome to the exciting, beautiful world of male thongs. If you already own a couple of classic items with clean designs, you should definitely opt for a more extravagant purchase this time around. Presenting to you the Men’s Zipper Front Thong!

As the name suggests, the thong comes with a decorative zipper element on the pouch. And while this may not be an optimal piece for everyday wear, it’s certain to get things heated in the bedroom.

The classic black thong is made from a soft and stretchy fabric that will make you feel super comfortable. There’s a wide waistband that falls just right on your hip and a minimalist, supportive pouch that enhances your bulge.

The zipper itself isn’t just decorative – it does function! If you want easy access in the heat of the moment without having to take your underwear off, this is the piece of lingerie that’s just right for you.

Most men who have given this one a try report it’s the most comfortable thong they’ve ever worn, plus it does miracles in terms of shaping up the butt.

Just like all other lingerie items, the zippered male thong should be hand-washed and line-dried. Do not bleach!

The thong is available in two sizes:

  • S/M: Waist: 28-33 inches / 71-86cm
  • L/XL: Waist: 36-42 inches / 91-107cm

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