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10 & 11 Inch Dildos

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If you are looking for a big dildo for a superb feeling of fullness, then a 10 or 11-inch dildo is just the perfect size. Use it alone or with a partner; a 10-inch dildo will provide unmatched sensations.

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Rate Your Pleasure a Ten with a 10-Inch Dildo

We’re in large dildo territory, so rev your engines and prepare for the ride of your life! Although dildos can get a lot bigger than these, we can’t downplay the amazing full feeling you’re bound to get from a 10-incher.

These dildos are great for the experienced anal player, as long as they have a flared base or handle. If you are going to use these for anal, however, be sure to use lots of lube! Bring one of these into the bedroom and enjoy all the fullness you can get from a larger dildo.

If you want the perfect dildo to use alone or with a partner, take a browse through our amazing collection of 10-inchers. Whether you like a realistic dildo, a squirting dildo, or an uncircumcised dildo, we’ve got plenty of your kinks covered. To help you with your decision, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions about dildos.

10 Inch Dildos FAQ

Is a large dildo safe?

As long as you’re cautious and patient when using your dildo, you’re good! The use of a large dildo can be painful if you’re not properly aroused and/or lubricated, and if you’re in too much of a hurry to get off. Taking the time to get aroused, get to know your body and start slow will help to maximize safety. Other than that, all the dildos we offer are crafted from high-quality materials that feel good and shouldn’t cause allergic reactions or intolerances.

What are the most important things to know when getting into larger dildos?

There are two important things to remember before sizing up your sex toys: always start small and work your way up, and get comfortable using lube if you need it. Over time, going up in size with sex toys for penetration can help to get your body accustomed to taking things deeper, before jumping into a bigger dildo.

Are 10-inch dildos safe for anal?

They’re only safe for anal if they have a flared base or a handle to prevent unwanted travel. Also, with larger dildos like these, they’re better suited for a more experienced anal player – just make sure you’re properly aroused, lubricated and relaxed before attempting penetration.

Will my partner get jealous?

When bringing sex toys into the bedroom, it’s always important to have a frank and open conversation with your partner beforehand. Sex toys aren’t a replacement for sex – instead, they are meant to be a fun and exciting addition to your sex lives, and make you both feel good! A sex toy is a tool, but it does not negate the intimacy, connection and attraction that you have with a partner. As long as your partner knows that this is a shared experience and not a replacement, you shouldn’t worry about them getting jealous.


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