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Pocket Exotics Small Anal VibratorPocket Exotics Small Anal Vibrator
Pocket Exotics Small Anal Vibrator
Sale price$7.99 Regular price$13.99
Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Anal ProbeEclipse Thrusting Rotator Anal Probe
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Pretty Love Vibrating Butt PlugPretty Love Vibrating Butt Plug
Pretty Love Vibrating Butt Plug
Sale price$20.99 Regular price$33.99
Vibrating Anal MassagerVibrating Anal Massager
Dorcel Mini Lover VibratorDorcel Mini Lover Vibrator
Dorcel Mini Lover Vibrator
Sale price$39.99
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Anal Vibrating TAnal Vibrating T
Anal Vibrating T
Sale price$12.99
Eclipse Wristband Remote Thrusting Rotator ProbeEclipse Wristband Remote Thrusting Rotator Probe
Adam & Eve Warming Trusting Prostate ProbeAdam & Eve Warming Trusting Prostate Probe
Bliss Tail Spin Anal VibeBliss Tail Spin Anal Vibe
My First Anal Toy Waterproof Vibrating Butt PlugMy First Anal Toy Waterproof Vibrating Butt Plug

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Enjoy Vibrant Sensations with an Anal Vibrator

While some kinds of small vibrators can be used for anal play, getting a specialized anal toy that vibrates is a much better idea. Anal vibrators have the right design to fit inside the rectum and turn it into the center of your pleasure.

Some anal vibrators have the form of a butt plug, others are longer. If you’re making your first steps in the world of anal play, start with a smaller vibrating toy. It will be easier to use and depending on the vibration intensity, it can still give you exceptional sensations.

Anal Vibrator FAQ

Do Anal Vibrators for Men and Women Look Different?

Most anal vibrators aren’t sex-specific. They can be used by both men and women who are interested in anal penetration.

Some of the products, however, are specially created for prostate massages. Due to the location of the male prostate, these anal vibrators have a somewhat curved tip.

So, if you’re a guy and you’re interested in exploring a prostate massage, you should choose this kind of anal vibrator or a special prostate massager.

What Are Some Anal Vibrator Features to Look for?

Once you choose the size you’re comfortable with, look at other product characteristics.

A good anal vibrator should have multiple intensity and speed settings. The shape itself can also contribute to the fun. Anal bead-shaped vibrators will stimulate you when you put them in, while they’re inside and when you take them out.

Some other good characteristics include a body made from a non-porous material, pulsations, automatic escalation in function and wireless operations.

Are Larger Anal Vibrators Safe?

Large sex toys aren’t for everyone. If you’re curious, however, you should get there gradually.

Always start with a small toy and move your way up. Get yourself properly aroused and use liberal amounts of lube to make the insertion pleasurable rather than uncomfortable.

What Are Some Good Ways to Play with an Anal Vibrator?

Whether you’re masturbating or preparing for anal sex with a partner, you have to be fully relaxed to play with an anal vibrator.

Inserting a finger in the anus first is a good idea to test things out. Next, use a properly lubed small anal vibrator. Experiment with the speed of insertion and the amount of pressure you apply. Adjusting the angle of the toy is another fun opportunity to discover exactly what you like.

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