Tantus Ripple Silicone Plug

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Color: Purple
Size: Small
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Product Overview

  • Beginner’s beads, with smaller sizing to make insertion and enjoyment easier
  • Smooth silicone with a graduated design, large base for safe retention and preventing further travel, they can be worn long term without discomfort or irritation
  • Increase your arousal and stimulation rates during partnered intercourse or solo masturbation, with the powerful stimulation from anal nerve endings heightening the sexual experience as well as climax
  • Perfectly silent, requiring no batteries and fully waterproof
  • These are the perfect key to unlocking the next chapters of sensual and erotic fulfillment in your own life, or shared with a loving partner or friend

Product Description

Enter the exciting and fulfilling world of anal stimulation with a quality set of silicone anal beads! With beginner’s dimensions of less than an inch across, down to one inch across at the largest base bead, these are the perfect, non-phallic and non-threatening way to begin to excite yourself through the ‘back door.’ It’s not complicated, nor should it be, but most anal adventures come undone quickly when users try too much and too soon, without being relaxed, aroused and lubricated. Give yourself permission to be excited, and to experience fuller, deeper stimulation and climaxes.

Silicone anal beads are an ideal material and toy to get started with. They’re naturally smooth and easy to clean and sterilize, and have a naturally forgiving shape, which your own body conforms to gently and gradually as they are slowly inserted with some water-based lubricant. You might feel some G or direct P-spot stimulation, with beads this size being a greater anal stimulator, so you’ll feel tingles and excitement around your butt hole, more as you move around, and incredibly once you stimulate yourself through intercourse, or oral or masturbation upfront at the same time.

Tantus are renowned for their high quality materials and design, with these silicone anal beads being no exception. The graduated size and smooth, flowing design makes it easier than ever to start anal pleasure immediately and with non-threatening dimensions or shapes, which can lead to disappointment once you realize it’s just not going to fit comfortably, let alone turn you on! These beads are different, with your arousal and comfort in mind. Fully waterproof and easy to maintain, they are perfect for long term wear also! Just say yes.

Product Details


Length: 5.25 inches
Insertable Length: 5 inches
Diameter: 0.75 to 1 inch
Product Weight: 3lbs. 5oz.


Flexibility: Firm but soft to the touch
Material: Silicone
Color: Purple
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual, kinetic
Shape: Graduated, conjoined beads
Power Type: Manual
Vibrating: No
Body Safe: Yes, non-toxic, phthalate-free
Use Lube: Yes

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