Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug

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Product Overview

  • Expands to over 5 times its original size, internally
  • Safely inflates and deflates from simple valve and E-Z squeeze bulb
  • You decide how much or how little pressure, with complete control at all times
  • Fully flexible tubing and generous hose length allows for extra ease of use; solo, or with a partner
  • Inserts easily with a little lube
  • No batteries required, manually controlled by silent air pressure and the E-Z squeeze bulb
  • Simple to clean and maintain, proudly made in the USA

Product Description

The Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug is the perfect introduction, or addition to your current collection of anal toys, or the best start of one. The depth of climax that can be achieved with an expandable and inflatable butt plug are maximized and intensified. This easy-to-use product disguises its potency in its simplicity.

Successful and satisfying anal play or sex is dependent upon the individual’s response to stimulation and in their preparation to receive it. The easy to insert, narrow silicone balloon is right at home with just a little lube, some gentle massage and perhaps a little finger play to relax the region even more. Once inserted to the desired and comfortable depth, the E-Z squeeze bulb can be primed, little by little, graduating the fullness of the balloon internally, making sure you only ever feel the best from the product. And it can be instantly deflated and re-inflated to your personal liking.

Quality, body safe materials and construction ensure ease of use and the ability to clean up and store easily after use. The flexible and simple nature of the inflatable butt plug means it can also be stowed easily when not in use, or taken with when you travel, to work or for play.

Completely universal and most-definitely for use with any gender, the inflatable butt plug is the perfect introduction for yourself, or loving partner to the delights of anal play. It is also perfect for those advanced practitioners who are looking to ‘up’ the anal game slightly, “expanding their horizons,” so to speak.


Total length: 17"
Width: 1.5"


Flexibility: Flexible, inflatable silicone
Material: Latex rubber, brass metal seals/valve
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: 100% waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Inflation bulb
Features: Flexible, Smooth Surface, Waterproof, Inflatable

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