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Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Pipedream  |  UPC: 603912253702

$25.99 $41.99
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Product Overview

  • Perfect for first time prostate players, with friendly dimensions and powerful vibrations
  • Smooth, curved tip and shaft are easily inserted, with knuckle style grip giving you total control and aiding retention once inserted
  • Powerful vibrating motors in the tip send the experience into orbit as they directly stimulate the prostate through the rectal wall
  • Enjoy the experience best when used in tandem with masturbation, oral or penetrating sex at the same time
  • Compact enough to be easily stowed and transported, the perfect accessory to shift regular ‘sessions’ into incredibly powerful experiences

Product Description

Cleverly curved to hit the right spot every time! The Vibrating Prostate Stimulator is ideal for first time prostate players, with a non-threatening width and a length that is solely designed to get to where the going is good. When lubed up with some water based help, this is the perfect way to explore the delights of prostate massage, stimulation and climax via the best kept secret in science and sexual health today, the prostate.

A smooth, no fuss entry is made easier by the nonporous, sleek design and the perfect curve, which seems programmed to know exactly where to go. The ample, knuckle style grip on the base keeps you in control, and the softy ribbed and ridged stem, along with a gentle perennial nub, gives you bonus thrills along the way, further heightening your arousal. This is the perfect way to excite yourself internally in tandem with masturbation, oral or even penetrating sex at the front end of your ‘man fun’ hardware. Nature gave you three magic buttons, but science has kept the best two hidden from you. Now you can enjoy them all completely!

The Prostate Vibrator gives direct stimulation to the perineum, anus and the prostate via the rectal wall. The levels of intensity are increased by the powerful vibrating unit housed inside the Vibrating Prostate Stimulator, which have the very real potential to send the first time user into overdrive, even disbelief that such powerful sensations and climaxes are even possible. They are, and you can have them too!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very glad I bought it

The thousands of men who recommend this type of "play" aren't doing it for no reason. It opens up so many possibilities, and if you're curious I recommend just taking the plunge and giving it a shot

It’s easy and pleasurable if you relax

The initial penetration is something you have to get used to but eventually it becomes much easier if you just relax. And once you're in,you're golden. Obviously, insert the device before turning it on.Just relax.

Could have been larger...

Overall ok, a bit too small for my taste.

Suitable for newbies

Perfect for someone new to the field. It isn't too big and the movements aren't too aggressive. That's not to say the sensation isn't powerful, but as long as you take it slow it won't be too uncomfortable even if it is your first time.

Glad I took the plunge

If you're reading this review you're at least a bit curious. Everyone starts at that point. I was nervous about it too, but people always talk about how pleasurable it is, and they’re right. Now I understand what all the fuss was about!

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

$25.99 $41.99







Insertable Length

0 - 5"


0 - 1"


ABS (plastic)

Power Type

Battery Powered


Smooth Surface, Vibrating
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