Svakom Silicone Ben Wa Balls

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Color: Plum Red
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Product Overview

  • Greatly enhance internal G-spot stimulation and arousing contractions
  • Ideal for post-partum recovery, with most doctors recommending the benefits of kegel exercise accessories such as these
  • Graduated weight and size lets you experience a beginner’s or more experienced level as you progress
  • Further enhances arousal, and are great when used in conjunction with clitoral/oral or anal stimulation at the same time
  • Easy to clean and maintain, comes complete in an attractive and discreet storage box for safekeeping
  • Designed for many years of continued pleasure and benefit

Product Description

This full set of silicone ben wa balls is all you’ll need to get started with, or graduate up in your kegel exercise or PC muscle game. Sometimes women notice less elasticity in their floor, after birth or sometimes just with age. The ancient secret of the geisha is revered and respected by many as the easiest, most fun solution to an age-old problem.

Tightening and toning your pelvic floor muscles can increase vaginal and uterine tightness, as well as help you master control over your bladder and continence. It’s also the greatest way to learn more about your body, and how simple, internal contractions on your part can give exquisite pleasure for yourself and your partner. Silicone ben wa balls are the easiest place to start, with this set offering a range of practical sizes, individual and in pairs, for complete beginners, right through to more experienced users.

The silicone ben wa balls set feature varying weights internally, letting you gradually build up tone and strength as you wear one or more internally. The simple act of wearing for short or extended periods around the house is sufficient to give a feel for the level of both stimulation and flexion generated. They feature soft touch, easy retrieve, silicone, ring pull handles, and are completely waterproof, letting you enjoy them in the bath or shower, as well as during manual stimulation, or just wearing throughout the day…

Product Details


Single Ball: 1.41 diameter x 5.31 inches total length (including retrieval cord)
Double Balls (small): 1.1 diameter x 6.37 inches total length (including retrieval cord)
Double Balls (large): 1.25 diameter x 6.69 inches total length (including retrieval cord)
Weight: 1.72 oz. (single), 2.64 oz. (small double), 3.35 oz. (large double)


Flexibility: Firm
Material: Weighted silicone
Color: Violet or Plum Red
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual retention, kinetic stimulation
Shape: Ovoid spheres, drawstring retrieval
Power Type: Manual, kinetic
Features: Graduated size/weights set, storage/gift box, Ideal for any and all skill levels
Powerful: Yes

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