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All Sun-Staches provide 100% UV400 protection, because we care. One size fits most.

  • HippieThey're like, totally far out man. Like, totally. 
  • Devil - Personify your bad side with this stylish piece. Everyone who wants to have a little naughty fun will be taking their cues from you.
  • BeerGet ready to tailgate. 
  • CocktailWhat's the next best thing to sitting poolside with cocktails? Wearing them on your face. 
  • Catwoman - Be as sexy as Catwomen is these glasses. 
  • Batman - The sunglasses you need, and the ones you deserve right now. 
  • FlashFlash..........Gordon! These glasses will help you save the day. 
  • Zombie - Get ready to party like there's an apocalypse.
  • HarlequinThese harlequin glasses are a classic red and black.
  • FumanchuA classic stache, for fancy folks.
  • PussycatSun-Staches Pussycat. Warning! Do not attempt to do your own stunts. This Sun-Stache does not come with 9 lives. 
  • PoliceInternal affairs will launch an investigation on your looking so good!
  • BunnyThis furry style is the ultimate in Hip Hop.
  • Americana - Celebrate the Fourth of July everyday with this American Stache.
  • Mustache - Scream "I've got nothin' but class baby..."
  • Skull - Be the life of the party. 
  • Day OF the Dead - Celebrate dia de los muertos in style.

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