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Product Overview

  • Exclusive gold fleshlight case houses unique and product-specific internal ribbing/texture
  • Designed to increase penetrating sexual stamina
  • Great edging tool, last ten minutes or ten hours
  • This is the tool to keep you on the verge and reward you with the tightest, most conforming finish, every time
  • Use the end cap to regulate internal pressure and suction
  • Superskin® sleeve features sublime sensations and ultra-realism, soft to the touch and temperature sensitive
  • Easy to clean with full instructions, cleaner and refresher also available (sold separately)
  • Comes with Fleshlight’s manufacturer warranty

Product Description

The Pure, STU, Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a special edition product, housed in an exclusive gold toned fleshlight case. Inside are dozens of newly designed and masterfully proportioned and designed stimulating, massaging and riveting nubs, protruding from the inside of the patent Superskin® inner sleeve. The STU stands for the fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, and this lives up to its namesake, offering you powerful edging and holding practice while you ‘up’ your sexual stamina and endurance, prolonging your own pleasure, and that of any partner.

Superskin’s® elastic, warming and smoothly sensual nature has been labeled by many users as better than the real thing. While it’s each to their own, it certainly does command attention, and with the addition of crazy, stimulating, ribbed and ridged interiors, it’s no wonder that Fleshlight is the world’s number one male masturbator.

Use the end cap on the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, to increase or decrease suction and internal pressure as you stroke your rod nice and slow, or pound the case with mystic fury as you blast through the urge to come. You can feel a ninja-like hardness, an unstoppable horn that is made to last. When you do finish, it’s one to remember. Earth shattering and core shaking experiences have been reported from most users; even those who own several fleshlights.

Designed for you to use, enjoy and hone your stamina in privacy and comfort, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is the gold standard in male masturbators and stamina trainers. This is an ideal first unit, also helpful for those recovering from surgery, experiencing weak or absent libido, premature or non-ejaculation, and maybe just for those who want to rock it out in something that feels out of this world, but makes you much stronger within it…

Product Details


Length: 11 inches
Insertable Length: Around 9-9.5 inches for most users
Diameter: 3 inches, with most users’ girth of up to 7 inches being accommodated
Product Weight: 1.69 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible inner sleeve
Material: Superskin®
Color: Gold tone case, pink inner sleeve
Texture: Smooth/ribbed
Waterproof: Waterproof and fully submersible

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual masturbator
Shape: Fleshlight/canal
Power Type: Manual masturbator
Multi-speed/Multi-vibration: No
Powerful: Yes

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