Stainless Steel Hegar Dilator Set

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Hegar dilator Set consists of 8 dialators made of stainless steel and comes in a leather case. Each Dilator has a smooth shaft for comfort whilst creating intense stimulation and pleasure. Made of body safe stainless steel. We recommend a good quality lubricant is used for easy insertion. Rounded tip for easy insertion. In body safe stainless steel, the 8 Hegar sounds are naturally extremely firm and quite weighty. Each Sound is identical in shape - there's a slight curve to each tip and lots of very subtly widening length in between. The smallest rod measures in at 8" long and just over 0.11" in smallest diameter, while the largest measures 8" long and about 0.67" in diameter. There are 6 sizes in between, so you'll easily be able to find one that suits your need, desire or experience level.

SIZING (all are 8" long)

  • 0.11" 
  • 0.19" 
  • 0.27"
  • 0.35"
  • 0.43"
  • 0.5"
  • 0.6"
  • 0.67

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