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Transforming yourself into a fiery redhead has never been easier. Smiffy’s Fever Khloe is a high quality wig you can use to completely change your appearance, do a bit of role play or turn into a seductive redhead that will flirt shamelessly and have a ton of fun.

The Fever Khloe Wig is made of high quality synthetic fibers that look soft and reminiscent of the real thing. It’s easy to style – just make sure that you keep the heat up to 120 degrees.  It’s also a wig that will make you instantly noticeable due to the neon red hue.

An adjustable, high quality wig cap is built into the design of the wig. It will make the concealing of your natural hair an effortless task.

For longevity and the beautiful appearance of your locks, hand wash your wig with a mild shampoo or a detergent. Let it air dry before choosing the style that’s just right for you. Curlers and styling products can be used to transform the shape of the Fever Khloe wig.

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