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Product Overview

  • Turn any bed into a bondage playground with this sparkly collar and leash combo that’s perfect for fetish play and BDSM!
  • Includes an adjustable Velcro collar complete with rugged O-ring leash connector, a pair of matching Velcro cuffs and a nice long chain that can be used as a leash or to connect the cuffs and collar together
  • Velcro cuffs are sturdy, yet easy to remove
  • Comfortable and securely supports users of almost all sizes
  • Perfect for beginners and easy to clean

Product Description

Set the tone for obedience with this black neoprene collar with cuffs and a detachable leash, fit for the kinkiest players on the block! After "kneel" and "stay" have been mastered, the scope of commands are only limited by imagination. An obedient partner will provide pleasurable foreplay and sex on demand…while the dominant partner takes absolute control. Whether you are holding the mesh leash or wearing the collar and cuffs, this set will bring a new order to your sexual fun.

The contrasting tones of shimmer and edge combine to create a provocative set to bring some flair to your bedroom bondage adventures. One matte black chain connects through the D-rings on your cuff and collar letting you get creative with how you want to restrict. Attach the collars or cuffs to the Expandable Spreader Bar to try out something new. The collar and cuffs can be detached from the chain and worn as the perfect accessory out that only you will know the tantalizing secrets of.

Each piece can be detached from the others and played with alone, but together, the trifecta won't disappoint! In PVC and poly blend, the Shadow Sparkle Collar and Cuff Set should be spot cleaned as needed. Nickel free.

Product Details


Total Length (Collar): Adjusts up to 17.5 inches
Total Length (Leash): 30 inches
Total Length (Cuffs): Adjusts up to 10 inches
Product Weight: 9.12 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: 40% Polyurethane, 29% Phthalate free, PVC, 23% Nickel Free Metals, 4% Hook & Loop, 4% Polypropylene
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual handheld use
Features: Fetish play, collar and leash, fully adjustable, quality Velcro closure, medical grade steel clips, comfortable, one size fits most, includes free satin blindfold

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