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Product Overview

  • Vibrating VR-compatible masturbation sleeve by SenseMax
  • Silky soft surface & soft shell grip for complete control
  • Airlock function provides strong pressure for a realistic, intense feel
  • Boasts 5 vibration modes and 18 speeds
  • Inner sleeve is removable for easy cleaning and features a travel lock for worry-free transport
  • Compatible with Sense Ecosystem™, VR experience & interactivity with adult content
  • Odorless and whisper quiet for discretion

Product Description

Enhance your virtual reality experience and play an active role in the erotic theater of your mind with the SenseTube from SenseMax. Its modern design and soft outer shell offer excellent control, and the strong vibration capabilities make SenseTube make it revolutionary in the world of masturbators.

Choose from soft strokes or strong ones thanks to its realistically stretchy sleeve and the flexible shell that surrounds it. SenseTube has the perfect tactile responsiveness with Airlock Functionality to provide a realistic feel. Shift gears and choose between 5 different vibrating modes with 18 speeds and pulses for that perfect stimulation. Go hands free by using the SenseMax Wall Mount (*sold separately) with suction cup base to use your SenseTube in the shower or any other flat surface.

Compatible with SenseMax’s Sense Ecosystem, you can interactively synchronize your SenseTube for customizable adult content and use the Sense VR Headset (*sold separately)—or any other VR headset—to simulate physical intimacy. Clean your waterproof SenseTube before and after every use with warm water. The removable sleeve and drying stand make washing your masturbator a breeze. Just take out the sleeve, rinse with warm water and use the hygienic stand to allow it to dry.

Product Details


Total Length: 6.5 inches
Girth: 1-2 inches
Product Weight: 0.61 oz.


Flexibility: Firm yet flexible
Material: TPE
Color: White
Texture: Ribbed
Waterproof: Yes

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