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Product Overview

  • Interactively tracks your movements for responsive 2D play or an immersive VR experience
  • Max button intensifies your experience, perfect for changing positions, angles or attaining a happy ending
  • Hands-free, simply place on your wrist and stroke like normal – no bulky device to kill the mood
  • Nightstand approved and travel ready; the sleek design is discreet and fits wherever you go
  • Battery lasts up to 100 hours
  • Waterproof for your aquatic escapades

Product Description

Our world is changing and technology is taking over, and the sexual world is no different. Besides, 55% of men admit to enjoying some solo time weekly…why not make it more interesting? Introducing Senseband: the interactive wristband for your self-pleasure.

With this erotic wristband, you won’t have to change a thing about your routine. Once you’ve downloaded the Sense Lovers app and synced it to your smartphone using Bluetooth, all you need to do is lay back, relax, and stroke in your normal motion. Immerse yourself into the Sense Ecosystem – a revolutionary, hi-tech platform providing you a holistic pleasure experience. The Sense Ecosystem includes 360-degree interactive adult videos, VR technology and a new generation of intimate toys.

The best part? When you feel yourself edging towards ejaculating territory, hit the MAX button to intensify your experience – it’ll help take your finish from a 3 to a hard 10. Its sleek design and featherweight construction gives you the freedom to store it discreetly and enjoy almost anywhere. Waterproof, travel-friendly, and doubling as a nice piece of wearable tech, you truly have no excuses to not enjoy a device like this. Take your solo time to another level.

Product Details


Total Length: 4.5 inches
Width: 1.1 inches
Inner Diameter Range: 1.6 to 2.4 inches
Product Weight: 1.3 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Silicone, PC + ABS Plastic
Color: Black, Turquoise
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Push button on base
Compatible: Smartphone
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
Power Type: Lithium Battery 3V (two included)
Features: Battery lasts up to 100 hours, interactive, hands-free, discreet, sensory, revolutionary high tech

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