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Secret VII is a provocative adult game created to provide foreplay in a sensual, exciting, stimulating, but fun way! Secret VII is for those who consider themselves, "grown and sexy". Secret VII entertains and is competitive (in sexy way). Secret VII is enjoyed by all adults! Secret VII is enjoyed by mature couples who want to experience new sexual foreplay, reestablish intimacy or for those who just like to keep it hot! Playing Secret VII is fun for newly involved couples who are exploring their sexuality.

Secret VII play is gender and sexual orientation neutral. Secret VII is really enjoyed by all! Secret VII lends itself to any scene one can imagine because Secret VII can also be played with multiple players. Secret VII will provide a lifetime of fun and exciting game play that you and that special person will want to play again and again. Secret VII is that adult game you have been hoping for, longing for, and it's finally here!

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