Riley Reid Quickshot Fleshlight


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Product Overview

  • Features unobstructed exit points molded from Riley’s own immaculate vagina and ass, straight to you!
  • Experience the incredibly satisfying and stimulating screw-like texture that take users beyond their own limits
  • Open-ended clear design allows you to watch your penis go through the Quickshot for some added arousal, or use it during oral sex with a partner, entering it from either end
  • Comes with a compact clear case with sleeve caps on each end for convenient storage, this is the must have accessory for every pleasure seeker who demands nothing but the best!
  • Very easy to clean – just use water and antibacterial soap

Product Description

Take masturbation or oral sex to the next level by introducing this hot little gadget into your sex life. Textured differently from both entrances, you’ll have difficulty choosing between the life cast vaginal opening equipped with ribbed and textured interior channels, or the tighter anal entrance; either way, it’ll be tapering and expanding to conform and pleasure your manhood like nothing else on earth.

Compact and small enough to fit in your hand, the flesh-like interior is protected by a clear case for convenient storage or to take with you on vacation. Perfect for foreplay or to use while watching Riley in action on your phone or tablet, Riley is waiting for you at any time or place. Perfect as a gift, or the perfect gift for yourself! Use for your own personal pleasure, fast or slow. Choose between Riley’s golden assets and feel the winding and grinding of the textured screw-like interior caressing your cock, delivering mind-blowing sensation.

Enjoy simultaneous stimulation by letting your partner pleasure you with oral while the clear design allows the erotic view of watching yourself go straight through. Also perfect for those who enjoy a little edging every once in a while!

Fleshlight Quickshot is compatible with other toys and accessories developed by the company. You can warm up the Quickshot to make it feel like a warm mouth, connect it to another Quickshot for more depth of penetration or mount it to your shower with the Quickshot Shower Mount – this nifty toy is nothing if not versatile.

Product Details


Total Length: 4.4 inches
Insertable Length: All the way through
Product Weight: 1 lb.


Flexibility: Flexible/soft opening/interior, solid case
Material: Superskin®
Color: Clear
Texture: Smooth, ribbed/textured/screw-like interior
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: None
Power Type: None
Features: Compact Utopia texture, Compact clear case, Sleeve caps on each end for convenient storage

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