Rianne S Booty Plug Set of 3

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Product Overview

  • Set of 3 plugs, from smallest to largest, suits beginners and existing users/couples who desire assortment
  • Unisex design and function, easy to insert and retain, they’re perfect for any gender
  • Velvety smooth, premium (solid silicone) construction adds a smoothly textured introduction to safe and manageable anal play or a comforting everyday plug for seasoned players!
  • They’re nonporous, non-toxic and fragrance, phthalate and latex-free, these plugs are exceptionally high quality, easiest to enjoy and maintain hygiene
  • Enjoy in or out of the water, letting you get on with living and enjoyment, wearing them under regular clothing, as well as for show or excitement in the bedroom…

Product Description

For solo or coupled players of any gender, those considering a foray into the world of anal based play and stimulation would do well to start with a butt plug set. It gives an excellent starting point, with room to move and grow as your own experiences do. Most manufacturers offer a set for this reason, and with the same style/materials in each plug, it makes sense to enjoy a set for solo use, as well as being able to have them to enjoy with your partner. This sleek and sexy set of three (silicone) jeweled plugs are no exception, and an excellent investment for the absolute beginner or seasoned anal aficionado.

Whether for purposeful training or for the love of choice, this butt plug set has a velvety finish to the body safe, premium silicone that you will fall in love with at first touch. Delicate and soft, yet firm enough to have density to penetrate and fill you up, giving delightful internal sensations with each movement, or to accelerate arousal and climax during a solo, manual and shared stimulation, including oral and intercourse with a partner. Most users are instantly converted and wonder how they managed their previous sex life without the option of a reliable and pleasing plug in the mix.

Enjoy the butt plug set as a workout, starting small, and going up to the largest size. This is often the routine for anal players who are new to or need to ‘limber up’ prior to anal sex or larger toys. Some folks just like the options, and having a petite plug in place during the day or when they play is the easiest and most sensual luxury. They can be enjoyed underwater or in the shower, worn under regular clothing, with a body-safe and practical design, ensuring ease of insertion as well as safe retention and maximum stimulation. Wow, huh?

Product Details


Total Length: Small; 2.8 inches, medium; 3.2 inches, large; 3.7 inches
Insertable Length: Small; 2.6 inches, medium; 3 inches, large; 3.5 inches
Diameter: Small; 1 inch, medium; 1.3 inches, large; 1.6 inches
Girth: Small; 3.14 inches, medium; 4.08 inches, large; 5.3 inches
Product Weight: 8.64 oz. set


Flexibility: Firmly flexible
Material: Premium silicone, acrylic
Color: Black, clear gems
Texture: Smooth, velvety
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Spade, gems
Power Type: Manual, static plug
Powerful: Assortment

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