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Product Overview

  • Soft and stretchy, adds girth while stimulating the wearer with micro-fine internal pleasure nodules, right where it counts!
  • It doesn’t replace rubbers/condoms and it isn’t compatible with them either
  • Base stretches to fit easily over your ‘junk,’ delaying climax and tugging at your ‘man berries’ like a hungry bear!
  • Perfect for vaginal or anal stimulation, still giving you incredible stimulation from the inside, making the adventure an event to remember…
  • Silaskin® is a super stretchy material that’s easy to slip on over your manhood, and won’t slip or pinch, catch or grab
  • Reusable and makes the perfect solo accessory, turning fap time into fun time, with intense stimulations and climaxes like you’ve never had before!

Product Description

This thick penis sleeve gives you a focus on girth, a favored factor by most women over length when it comes to the stimulation stakes. Yes, length is good, but if it ain’t touching the sides… don’t even come knockin’!

The thick penis sleeve has a more snug fit than many other similar products, mainly due to the Silaskin® construction, which artfully blends the perfect rate of TPR and silicone to give a super-stretch, thicker and more conforming product that’s still thin enough to deliver the regular sensations of intercourse. Inside, delicate and super-soft nodules stimulate you further, making even the most regular or casual lay something that feels out of this world! It fits snug, right around your scrotum too, aiding in delaying climax so you can go harder for longer, and have both you and your partner enjoying longer sessions.

A thick penis sleeve is your new best friend when flying solo, too. Forget bulky (bucket style) masturbators that sound like you’re fapping with a bike pump; this ‘bad boy’ is like a nubbed ninja for your cock. You can smoothly stroke and caress as the ring around your balls tugs, while the nodules inside give your ‘man’ a stroking like he’s never had before. ‘Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters’ just got a pay rise!

Fully waterproof and just loving some water based lube to get you gliding just right (on both the inside and outside). Yes, it’s a truly reusable accessory that’s simple to clean and maintain. It doesn’t replace rubbers/condoms and it isn’t compatible with them either, so it’s definitely a novelty and feel-good accessory only, okay guys?

Product Details


Total Length: 6.5 inches
Insertable Length: One size fits most
Diameter: 2.5 stretchy inches
Product Weight: 9.6 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Silaskin®
Color: Opaque or Black
Texture: Smooth exterior, ribbed interior
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual sleeve
Shape: Semi-phallic
Power Type: Manual sleeve
Vibrating: No
Feature: Delays climax, extra stimulation, added girth
Powerful: Yes

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