Perfect Fit Ergoflo Shower Anal Douche

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Product Overview

  • Engineered and tested to outperform standard at home douche kits
  • 8 inch, flexible, silicone head ensures deeper, penetrative and more thorough cleansing
  • Set collapses and installs in seconds, transferring higher mains pressure to a gentle and effective anal douche set up
  • Completely portable and stored flat
  • Great for travel and sleepovers
  • FDA registered product made from non-toxic, body safe materials
  • All parts come ready to use, some assembly is required

Product Description

The next gen travel or shower anal douche which installs and dismantles in seconds. Yes, the Ergoflo has been expertly tested and meticulously designed to outperform any other shower anal douche on the market.

Ergoflo takes off where other shower anal douches have left off. It converts the higher pressure, faucet flow, into a slower and safer, more intimate and sensual pressurized stream, which is delivered internally by the soft and flexible, 8 inch, silicone, flex-tip nozzle. Something the user can use internally for a deeper, more intense clean and experience.

Internal hygiene is paramount when it comes to anal play. For our own safety and for our partner’s hygiene interests, keeping it clean is so important to keeping it fun and keeping it safe, too. The Ergoflo shower anal douche is totally collapsible and installs in seconds, making it ideal for travel or to keep on hand when visiting friends or going places you know there might be some anal action!

Made from sturdy, FDA-registered silicone and ABS plastic materials. The hypoallergenic design and unique, deeply cleansing and intense sensations of the Ergoflo, coupled with its portability and ease of use and set up are innately brilliant. These features make it a must have for the serious anal player, health enthusiast or enema buff who is looking for something that is highly effective, portable and easy to use.

The discreet and revolutionary Ergoflo shower anal douche set takes personal, couple and group hygiene to the next level. Thus making safer, cleaner fun on the go a very practical and satisfyingly-easy reality.

Product Details


Length: 6 foot hose
Insertable Length: 8 inch silicone flexi-tip
Product Weight: 2 lbs.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes, fully waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Valve/silicone hose
Shape: Hose/various attachments
Power Type: Manual valve/water pressure
Powerful: Yes, caution advised when opening valve

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