Oxballs Alien Tail Butt Plug and Ball Stretcher


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Product Overview

  • Stimulating butt plug with tail that also separates the balls and hardens the penis
  • Comprised of specially formulated Flexi-TPR®, contouring to the body like a second skin
  • Long tail lends itself to puppy play, or just greater internal arousal when tail bobs and swishes with natural movement
  • Perfect for couples or solo adventurers
  • Can increase sexual vigor and enhance climax for both wearer and partner
  • No batteries required, fully waterproof and easily cleaned/maintained
  • Comes with full instructions and care recommendations

Product Description

Solidly constructed from super versatile (and totally soft to the touch) Flex-TPR®, this butt plug and ball stretcher is designed to create a locking effect, with the tail fitting your internal anatomy perfectly, all while the cock sling retains the maximum possible, naturally-safe pressure and blood flow to keep your front pumped, while the back also lends itself to puppy play.

Internal, rectal pressure for males causes natural pressure or pushes on the prostate, stimulating millions of nerve endings and increasing the natural inclination of the penile tissue to become (and stay) erect. A ‘wagging’ effect from a long tail from one inserted, like the butt plug and ball stretcher here, and you have yourself a neat, little, flag raising, ball-spreading, prostate massaging party. Enjoy solo, or pair up for some puppy fun. Pull my tail?

Made from super flexible and stretchy (patented formula) Flexi-TPR, this nature-based material is sure to keep everything fitting snug up front and is a sheer delight once manipulated to fit neatly inside the back door.

Hardly designed with discretion in mind, the Oxballs Alien Tail Butt Plug and Ball Stretcher certainly is made for fantasy, role playing, cosplay, and general tom-foolery with strong sexual content. Enjoy the experience solo, but do try and pair up with someone at least once while wearing this, it’s an experience in itself! And with two partners wearing one each? Game on!

The excitement of internal prostate and rectal massage, coupled with the sheer eroticism of a quality butt plug and ball stretcher to boot, this is certainly for those with an imagination and a flair for the adventurous, who also enjoy a nice hard and stiff ‘flag raising’ ceremony.

Product Details


Total Length: 20.25 inches
Insertable Length: 4.25 inches
Circumference: 3.25 inches
Product Weight: 1 lb.


Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Flexi-TPR
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Fully submersible

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug/stretcher
Shape: Tail
Power Type: Manual plug/stretcher
Powerful: Yes

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