Metalic Weighted Ben Wa Balls

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Product Overview

  • Timeless technique and accessory from the ancient geishas lets you regain control and sexual prowess
  • Perfect for use internally with clitoral/anal stimulation for incredible heightening of sexual arousal and climax potential
  • Use short term when masturbating, or wear for extended periods as your stamina/strength builds
  • No batteries required, completely silent and move internally as you move
  • Rust-free and nickel-free finish is totally body safe
  • Weighted balls let you start with one and work up to two

Product Description

The one inch diameter, and greater combined weight, makes these weighted ben wa balls perfect for intermediate and beginners alike. Great for heightening arousal, or for concerted toning and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle group; they are ideal when used in conjunction with kegel exercises. Continued use sees many users report intensified pelvic and internal control, as well as stronger, longer-lasting orgasms.

Perfect for internal retention during anal intercourse or clitoral stimulation, the weighted ben wa balls move singly or independent of each other when used in tandem, exerting a delicious pleasure on the G-spot, with a smooth gliding action that’s enhanced by each micro-movement of your own arousal and movement.

Ideal as a personal accessory after child birth, or for those who want to regain a toned and more powerful flexion of their floor and bladder. Yes, the weighted ben wa balls are easy to insert, singularly, or in a pair. The only side effect with regular use seems to be frequent orgasms, and incredible internal control!

Easily worn for shorter, erotic sessions or for extended use as you go about your day, the diameter and weight of a single ball is easily retained, with a second being added once you’ve felt the increase in internal strength. The metal outer is seamless, waterproof and has a nickel-free, rust-free finish. The set comes with a sheer storage pouch to house them in, once cleaned and dried after each session.

Product Details


Diameter: 1 inch each
Product Weight: 4.6 oz. set (2.3 oz. each ball)


Flexibility: Solid
Material: Metal, ABS
Color: Silver
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual/static
Shape: Sphere
Power Type: Manual/kinetic
Powerful: Potentially

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