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Product Overview

  • Tapered tip and sleek steel, one-piece construction for easy insert and maximum comfort for long term use
  • Manual plug requires no batteries and is totally silent, wear for an hour or all day and nobody need know
  • Sparkling jewel set in smoothed-edge, chrome plated steel
  • Comfortable and non-chaffing
  • Sensibly sized with maximum stimulation and stimulating weight, without being too heavy or hard to retain internally
  • Waterproof construction, 100% body safe and easy to clean/maintain

Product Description

Deliciously gleaming in chrome plate, this steel, jeweled butt plug has a generous girth, but sensible length and is easy to wear all day or short term. The design makes it perfect for the first timer, or those wanting to add some sparkle to their back door play…

Solid steel construction offers a weightier insert, giving a fuller sensation, without being too heavy and thus making it difficult to keep in you or fall out when making out or simply walking around. The tapered bulb design is made to stimulate as well as stay put. Yes, 3.75 inches of girth is plenty of internal action for everybody, with 2 inches of insertable length making it ideal for first timers and comfortable all day if desired.

More intense G-spot orgasms during penetration or stimulated play could definitely be on the menu! Sounds yummy, right? It’s also perfect for internal and safe pressure on the prostate, maximizing excitement and increasing sensitivity, offering longer, more powerful and larger ejaculations too.

This chromed jeweled butt plug can be easily warmed or cooled before use and is multi-lubricant friendly. Play time is always more fun with a little lube, and as with any anal device, it loves lube as much as it loves your butt!

The Master Series offers you the perfect accessories to add sophisticated style to your love play. The perfect accessory or gift for that special someone or to just treat you. This jeweled butt plug definitely goes the distance and will outperform other similar brands.

Product Details


Length: 3 inches
Insertable Length: 2 inches
Width: 2 inches at widest point
Product Weight: 5.12 oz. shipped


Flexibility: Solid
Material: Chrome plated steel
Color: Chrome/silver
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Bulb/spade
Power Type: Manual plug, muscular contractions

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