Luxe Silicone Anal Beads

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Product Overview

  • Gradually tapered silicone beads alternate spherical and geometrical diamond shapes, increasing sensations without a painful stretch
  • Long length lets you fully explore your anal limits as you begin, or find what suits you just right
  • Tug, thrust or twist these beauties via the easy, retaining and anchoring ring pull base… simplicity itself!
  • Fully waterproof and silent in operation, can be worn short or long term in complete, body safe safety
  • Clean with toy cleaner or soap and hot water, can be boiled to sanitize between use or partners

Product Description

These fully flexible and conforming silicone anal beads feature alternating spherical and geometric shapes, accentuating the internal and external sensations as they are inserted/retrieved. A generous length of 8.25 inches allows both beginners and adept alike to experience a little or a lot of tantalizing internal stimulation, static, or at play, when they make the most gorgeous popping sensation. This occurs as you tug and thrust them, made so much easier with the ring pull base, which also neatly prevents them from disappearing entirely…

The silicone anal beads are soft to the touch, yet hold their shape nicely, giving you maximum stimulation without feeling too squishy or soft to the point of being ‘mushy.’ Tapering from 0.5 to just 1 inch in diameter, they’re the perfect funky start to an anal adventure for those who want stimulation without stretch, with 100% silicone less likely to catch on hair or stick to skin, they are a real pleasure to use!

Use on their own, during intercourse/oral or when masturbating. Any gender, solo or coupled can explore the world of anal delights simply, safely, and with often explosive results, as the internal stimulation of the P or G-spots, along with heightened arousal, makes these one magnificent personal or couples accessory for the bedroom, bathroom and beyond…

Super lightweight, totally silent and requiring no charge, cables or feeding; these silicone anal beads are easy to clean and can be stowed almost anywhere once clean and dry. They are easily sanitized, taking boiling and freezing without flinching, and never losing their shape, flexibility or nonporous finish. Wow, huh?

Product Details


Diameter: 0.5 - 1 inch each graduated beads
Total Length: 9.75 inches
Insertable Length: 8.5 inches
Product Weight: 2.2 oz.


Flexibility: Flexibly
Material: Silicone
Color: Pink
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual/kinetic/ring pull retrieval
Shape: Graduated, contoured sphere and geometric beads
Power Type: Internal contractions/manual, kinetic
Powerful: Yes

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