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Product Overview

  • External, single opening is life cast from Levi Karter’s butt hole, with an internal ribbed and textured sleeve to accentuate his natural tightness
  • Generous insertable length, and a girth fitting up to 7 inches, Fleshjack sleeves feature an intense level of stimulation and deeper penetration over regular types
  • Enjoy your anal fantasy in private, and use the intense stimulation to work on delayed climax and personal technique
  • The best edging tools around, drive yourself to new personal limits of ecstasy and then beyond, with a climax that’s like nothing else on earth
  • Handheld or hands-free compatibility, with Fleshjack wall/suction mount (not included), lets you enjoy in any position

Product Description

The Levi Karter Fleshjack is for those who want the tightest, most appealingly-tight A-hole, with an intensity and stimulation level to match the feel and sensory realism of a life cast opening, with super-soft touch, feel and texture. The external, single opening is life cast from Levi himself, leaving nothing to the imagination. Internally, the sublime levels of rings, including the ribbing and channels will leave users gasping, as it challenges even the most die-hard fleshjack users to a new level of stimulation and arousal.

With a full-sized inner sleeve, the incredible and highly-detailed stimulating pattern of the Levi Karter Fleshjack holds a penetrating length of 8.5 inches, with an impressive girth capacity, making it ideal for even the plus-sized man to enjoy. Regular or even small guys can breathe easy, there’s so much going on inside, there’s a vast array of pleasing and intense stimulation and pressure for any size…

With such an intense ribbed pattern, it makes the ideal edging or stamina training ass masturbator. The Levi Karter Fleshjack is definitely one for those who feel they have grown used to their regular ride and would like something more stimulating, even to the point of being a challenge. Easily dismantled to clean, the lifelike inner sleeve material is body safe and can be refreshed with compatible products for similar style masturbators. Full use/care instructions are included.

Product Details


Total Length: 9.75 inches
Insertable Length: 8.5 inches
Diameter: 3 inches
Product Weight: 1.3 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible inner sleeve, solid case/outer
Material: TPR/TPE, ABS
Color: Beige, flesh, blue
Texture: Smooth, internally ribbed
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual masturbator
Shape: Fleshjack, anus
Power Type: Manual
Powerful: Yes

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