LELO Indulge Me Pleasure Set

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Product Overview

  • 3-piece, ultimate couples sex toy kit containing a premium blindfold, tickler, and Lelo Noa vibrating massager
  • Experience and explore the 3 core elements of combined sexual enjoyment: surprise, teasing/arousal, and intense stimulation/climax
  • Bring new life to the routine sex life, which many couples mistake for a breakdown in relationships
  • Premium quality items, designed for any level of activity and covered by Lelo’s warranty and guarantee
  • The vibrating massager is USB rechargeable, fully waterproof, with multi-speed capability

Product Description

Part of the incredible range of sex toy kits for couples available, the Lelo Indulge Me Pleasure Set is a simple way to introduce essential elements of surprise/anticipation, arousal, and incredible climax into your lovemaking. It gives each partner ample opportunity to explore their own and their partner’s eroticism and favorite creative, sensual play types.

The Intima® silk blindfold features soft silicone to block any peeping, combined with a sheer and sensuous silk cover and tie ribbon. Creating an element of anticipation and surprise is a simple but effective method of extending and enhancing foreplay.

The Tantra® teaser is the second delight in this edition of sex toy kits for couples. Teasing the skin and other erogenous zones of any gender is a simple yet effective way of enhancing arousal. When combined with manual stimulation, it helps create longer-lasting, more intense sensations.

The crowning jewel in the sex toy kits for couples is the Lelo NOA® couples massager. It is a premier, fully waterproof, a semi-flexible vibrator that allows incredible stimulation for any gender, on its own or in conjunction with anal or vaginal intercourse. As with all Lelo products, it has a USB recharge function, is made only of the highest quality materials, and has a design that features durability and complete and sensual functionality backed by Lelo’s warranty.

Features of the Lelo Indulge Me Pleasure Set

  • Couple’s Sex Massager: The Lelo Noa is a couple’s sex toy that is small, powerful, and versatile, increasing stimulation and intimacy.
  • Silicone Surface (Massager): The massager is encased in body-safe, silky smooth silicone compatible with water-based lubes.
  • Waterproof Use (Massager): The Noa is waterproof, and you can take your sex toy with you in the shower or bathtub.
  • Tantra Feather Teaser: A teaser made from stainless steel handle with feathers to enhance sensual play.
  • Intima Silk Blindfold: The Intima silk blindfold is made from 100% pure silk and helps increase sexual play by sensory deprivation.

What Makes the Lelo Indulge Me Pleasure Set Unique?

Lelo is a world-renowned adult toy manufacturer with many impressive toys. The Indulge Me Pleasure Set is a three-piece set with a silicone couple’s massager, a silk blindfold, and a feather tickler. The Noa couple’s massager has six vibration modes and a single operating button; it is USB rechargeable and hypoallergenic.

How To Use The Indulge Me Pleasure Set

There is no unique way to use the Indulge Me kit, depending on your preferences. We can suggest tying the silk blindfold over your partner’s head and teasing them with the feather tickler, enhancing the anticipation and heightened sensations. Then, if necessary, add some water-based lube and insert the narrow end in the vagina, positioning the bulbous end on the clitoris. The narrow end is thin and does not interfere with vaginal sex, but the vibrations enhance the sensations in both partners.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Lelo Noa Couple’s Massager
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Intima Silk Blindfold
  • Tantra Feather Tickler
  • User Manual
  • One-Year Warranty Registration Card

Care and Charging

The Indulge Me Pleasure Set contains the Noa Couple’s Massager made from body-safe silicone and is thoroughly waterproof. You can clean the massager with warm water, mild soap, or any toy cleaner, and once it is dry, you should store it in its satin pouch. The feather tickler should not be washed. You can hand-wash the silk blindfold if necessary, leaving it to dry flat.

The massager has a USB charging cable, and it takes about 2 hours to charge, providing about 2 hours of continuous playtime.


Massager: 3.3" Length, 1.1" Width, 1.65" Insertable Length
Silk Blindfold: 24" Length, 1.8" Width
Tantra Feather Teaser: 8.4" Length


Flexibility: Flexible blindfold/feather, Semi-Flexible Massager
Material: Silicone, ABS, feather, Stainless Steel, Silk
Color: Purple
Texture: Smooth Surface Massager, Textured feather
Waterproof: Yes, Massager only

Additional Info

Controller Type: Control Buttons on Massager
Power Type: USB rechargeable
Features: IPhthalate-Free, Hypoallergenic, Silicone, Vibrating, Waterproof (Massager), USB Rechargeable (Massager), Multi-Speed, Multi-Function, Tie-Up Blindfold

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