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Product Overview

  • Designed specifically for kegel type (pelvic floor) strengthening exercises, from beginners to advanced
  • Follow your progress and get detailed use instructions via the Bluetooth mobile app
  • Graduated weight and size lets you graduate to cover a total of 7 separate stages of development
  • Also enhances arousal and sexual climax when used in conjunction with masturbation, either oral or anal stimulation
  • Medical grade silicone for body safe guarantee
  • A 1 year warranty and specialized packaging to securely store them for years to come!

Product Description

A contemporary impression of the classic and timeless design is revisited with this functional and aesthetically pleasing set of magnetic ben wa balls. Since ancient times, the geisha exerted a fabled sexual power over all which they came into contact with intimately. Today, the same principle of the internal pelvic floor exercise or training is not only endorsed by medical science, it’s recommended. This set is ideal for beginners or adepts, and an excellent addition to any woman’s toy box.

Childbirth and pregnancy, or simply getting on in age can weaken the tone and function of the pelvic floor group of muscles in females. Starting out simply, using the magnetic ben wa balls in this set, it’s never been easier to reclaim strength, tone and elasticity internally. Each magnetized geisha ball is also weighted, letting you build up to a greater weight and more balls. Internally, this also equates to added stimulation via positive pressure on the uterine wall and the G-spot, causing heightened arousal and releasing a lot of feel-good hormones in the process!

Magnetic ben wa balls lets users achieve a total of seven levels of intensity, or ‘workout’ using them. Once fully confident and adept, they can even be worn/used internally without the aid of the body safe, soft and flexible silicone cradle. Medical grade silicone is naturally nonporous and makes them easy to clean and maintain. Included is a set of full instructions, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a special box to house them in, keeping them privately pristine for years to come!

Product Details


Smaller balls: 0.71 inches diameter
Larger balls: 0.87 inches diameter
Weights: 0.55 oz., 0.95 oz., 1.1 oz., 1.5 oz., 2.05 oz., 2.45 oz., and 3 oz.


Flexibility: Firm
Material: Weighted silicone
Color: Fuchsia, black, white silicone cradle
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual retention, kinetic stimulation, magnetized
Shape: Spheres, drawstring retrieval
Power Type: Manual, kinetic, magnetized
Features: Up to 7 levels of weight combinations, mobile phone app, suits any skill level, sturdy storage box
Powerful: Yes

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