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Product Overview

  • Compact, single-hand-grip-sized, crystal clear fleshlight with intense Torque inner sleeve ribbed canal
  • More discreet and portable than a regular fleshlight, this set comes complete with lube and cleaner, specific to the product, maximizing longevity and peak performance from your investment
  • Lets you and your partner see all the action, the crystal clear case and inner sleeve magnifies your cock, letting you see it like never before…
  • Build sexual stamina, hardness and extreme arousal in privacy and in the wet, use in the shower or bath for extra privacy, and also making cleaning a before and after affair
  • Premium, body safe materials, with Fleshlight’s quality guarantee
  • Full instructions, lube and cleaner included

Product Description

The Fleshlight Torque Value Pack is everything you need from the Fleshlight Go compact, in one, easy to use, complete setup that’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll straight out of the box. Discreet and slightly smaller than a regular fleshlight, the compact Go features an intensely ribbed and textured inner sleeve canal, plus a crystal clear case and sleeve, giving you and your partner a stunning view of all the action as you view yourself in action like never before… Mhmmmm!

The neutral, non-sexual single entry point gives a tighter than tight, but super soft opening, which new or first time users might find a challenge in itself, but hang on to your helmet! The intense waves of ribbed pleasure and shaft stroking design will test you to and then beyond your very limits. This makes it the perfect quick relief module, or seasoned training device, making every session a training session, and giving you more stamina, strength and incredible arousal with every stroke. The Fleshlight Torque Value Pack makes it easier to last longer, giving maximum stimulation, with the complete privacy and manual control needed to master your own sexual power.

The sturdy casing and inner sleeve of the Fleshlight Torque Value Pack are fully waterproof, easy to clean and made of the same ingenious materials that a regular fleshlight has, giving a magnified and intense view of your own arousal, which many guys and their partners find extra satisfying. Clean up is even easier than ever, as is the lube dilemma, with a full bottle of each included, letting you go from the minute it arrives, and begin looking after it properly from day one.

Product Details


Total Length: 6.5 inches
Insertable Length: Up to 6 inches
Diameter: 3 inches at widest insertable point
Girth: Up to 7 inches
Product Weight: 1 lb.


Flexibility: Flexible inner sleeve, solid case
Material: PVC polymer, ABS plastic
Color: Clear
Texture: Smooth exterior, ribbed/intense inner sleeve
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual masturbator
Shape: Fleshlight
Power Type: Manual masturbator
Powerful: Yes

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