Fleshlight Torque Male Masturbator

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Product Overview

  • Same intense and practical features of the original fleshlight, only shorter and more compact
  • Turns solo playtime into training time, effortlessly increasing your stamina and enhanced arousal, with controlled or delayed ejaculation
  • Made from Fleshlight’s flagship materials, this unit offers hyper-realistic sensations, with the same quality and durability, but is much more discreet
  • Use one hand, while the other adjusts the end cap, increasing/decreasing internal pressure and suction, letting you command a perfect performance every time
  • Easy to clean and maintain, all of Fleshlight’s cleaners, lubes and refreshing products are compatible

Product Description

Gaining maximum pleasure while building sexual stamina and endurance has never been easier than with the Fleshlight Torque Male Masturbator. Turn solo time into training time, with this compact, clearly discreet and highly functional unit that offers insane internal stimulation, and without the bulk and excess of the original fleshlight. Still made from luxurious and real-feel Superskin, with the same intense stimulation and open end design, letting you have full control of suction and intensity, with just lighter and more moderate dimensions so you can use it on the go!

One-handed action is more pleasing than ever, with the shorter case, but full scale internal stimulation and massage nodules that make the Fleshlight Torque Male Masturbator the go-to device for those wanting extreme pleasure as well as extreme performance. Get harder for longer and endow yourself with stamina you can enjoy for longer, either solo or impress partners and fill them for longer, letting them wonder how you got so good so fast…

The Fleshlight Torque Male Masturbator is just the thing for times when you need privacy, so a compact unit is mandatory. It’s also ideal for travel, working away from home, or those times when you just have to be away from home, but don’t want to skimp on your own needs. Lifelike, intense and realistic pleasure awaits, when you combine all the positive benefits of a healthy sexual mindset and practices, coupled with this premium, world-class product, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Product Details


Total Length: 8.5 inches
Insertable Length: 7 inches
Width: 3 inches
Girth: Most fleshlight sleeves accommodate up to 7-8 inches of girth easily
Weights: 1.1 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible/soft opening/interior, solid case
Material: Superskin®
Color: Clear
Texture: Smooth, ribbed/textured interior
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual masturbator, end cap increase/decrease suction
Shape: Anus opening, Fleshlight’s casing
Power Type: Manual masturbator
Features: More compact than the standard fleshlight, clear lets you see yourself in action, intense sensations, and waterproof
Powerful: Yes

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