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Product Overview

  • Fleshlight Surge Male Masturbator is a scaled version of the classic original
  • All the same materials and intensity, just smaller, and more compact
  • Still fits most guys all the way, the internal dimensions aren’t much smaller, so you still get the complete, ‘serviced’ feeling
  • Tighten/loosen end cap for intense variation in internal pressure and for an explosive finish
  • Perfect for travel, on the road, vacay, or at work!
  • Keep from prying eyes a little easier, and make your personal time special again
  • Easy clean and body safe materials, compatible with Fleshlight accessory products, lubes, refreshers, and cleaners

Product Description

The Fleshlight Surge Male Masturbator is a sleek, compact version of the classic original, keeping the best attributes and functional features, but making it even more discreet and portable. It’s perfect for shared living space, when you travel, in the car, or for keeping tucked in your desk drawer away from prying eyes. The same, realistic and mind-blowing Superskin® material stimulating texture is there, as is the world-class technology and quality you’ve come to know and love from Fleshlight. It’s just a scaled version, designed to move with you and keep you feeling your very best, and on top of your game in the bedroom!

The Fleshlight Surge Male Masturbator lets you surge when you feel the urge. It can be a quicker, instant relief accessory, heightening and intensifying the sexual experience solo, or it can be a longer, slower time to unwind at the end of a hard day, or when you’re on the road or traveling. Nothing beats a languid personal pleasure session, and the Fleshlight Surge Male Masturbator is your best solo, work, travel or living companion.

Actually, it’s not just for solo pleasure, the Fleshlight Surge Male Masturbator is always more fun when there’s another set of hands, and a body to share it with…

Makes the ideal partner foreplay accessory, letting you have your partner see and feel exactly what turns you on so they understand your needs better. It’s also great to share with a friend or partner. Nothing brings people closer together than getting each other off!

Product Details


Total Length: 10 inches
Insertable length: 7 inches
Diameter: 4 inches overall
Product Weight: 1 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible inner sleeve, solid case
Material: Superskin® inner sleeve, ABS plastic case
Color: Pink, black casing
Texture: Smooth entrance, ribbed inner sleeve
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual male masturbator
Shape: Fleshlight, vagina
Power Type: Manual male masturbator
Lubricant: Water based
Skill Level: Any
Powerful: Yes

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