Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit With Shower Mount

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Product Overview

  • Ultra-realistic male masturbator with lifelike Superskin®
  • Anatomically correct vaginal opening and incredibly detailed, stimulating, interior canal
  • No batteries needed, manual stimulator, use one hand or the supplied shower mount for hands-free action
  • Designed to intensify and prolong male arousal, hardness, performance, and produce intense, life-changing ejaculations and orgasms
  • Ideal for solo artists and those wanting to increase stamina or for those who enjoy edging
  • Fully waterproof with adjustable pressure at the twist of the cap
  • Thrill yourself or your partner, increase intensity and climax

Product Description

Specifically designed and engineered to replicate the intense stimulation experienced during intercourse, the fleshlight researchers also patented Superskin®, the company’s own trademarked and formula-specific material to (again) replicate the intensity and sublime softness and sensations associated with actual sex.

Going one step further, the well-researched and bestselling product range now features a fleshlight shower mount. A company who listens to and researches their product ideas through an existing customer base. Fleshlight is able to provide exactly what you need, because people like you have already asked for it!

The fleshlight shower mount is part of the set which is designed to enhance and increase stamina, personally and in the bedroom with partnered sex. The legendary, lifelike vaginal opening and scintillatingly hot internal canal can now be enjoyed hands free. Or while you busy them with something else in the shower. The shower mount makes shower time all the more enjoyable, giving you stamina training as well as your routine (fantasy) fap.

No batteries are required, as the fleshlight shower mount and standard STU (stamina training unit) are manually operated stimulators. The end cap can be tightened to increase the internal pressure, or relaxed to your personal liking. Once mounted in the shower, you can explore almost endless positions and possibilities with the fleshlight shower mount at your command.

Kit comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started straight out of the box… Yes, the legendary shower mount and a generous supply of fleshlight’s own lube are ready and specially designed for their products. Other bonuses include cleaner, renewing powder (to keep the Suprskin® extra super), a set of full use and maintenance instructions, as well as warranty information. Proudly made by a USA company!

Product Details


Total Length: 10 inches
Insertable Length: 7-8 inches comfortably
Circumference: 4 inches
Product Weight: 1 lbs.


Flexibility: Flexible canal, fixed casing
Material: Superskin® stimulator, ABS casing
Color: Flesh
Texture: Smooth/textured
Waterproof: Fully submersible

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual masturbator
Shape: Vagina/canal
Power Type: Manual masturbator
Powerful: Yes

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