Fifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Ben Wa Balls

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Product Overview

  • The only approved, licensed line of products from the 50 Shades of Grey series, personally endorsed by the author
  • Premium quality silicone houses 2, weighted ben wa balls, allowing easy insertion and smooth action
  • Experience instant internal pressure and constant G-spot arousal and stimulation as the balls move inside you, moving as you move
  • Sublime states can be reached using them in tandem with clitoral and anal stimulation, the pelvic floor reflexing around the balls, adding to their intense stimulation
  • Perfectly safe to use and easy retrieval, soft silicone extension makes them as easy to retrieve as they are to insert
  • Fully submersible and easy to clean/maintain

Product Description

50 Shades Ben Wa Balls are the perfect accessory for heightening any sexual experience, or creating one. They are perfect for concentrated flexing and tightening of your internal musculature, making them ideal for kegel and other pelvic floor exercises. The sleek, smooth, silicone cradle houses two weighted balls which move independently inside you after being inserted into the vagina. They will move as you do, creating exquisite pressure and directly massage your G-spot. Sublime states can be attained when used in conjunction with direct clitoral stimulation, or/and anal penetration.

Since ancient time, the geisha of the orient held the secrets of internal exercises for sexual power, potency and prowess. It gave them a unique and infamous control over their own anatomy that, when exercised during sex, was considered a form of witchcraft it was so powerful at the time. Today, you can access the same principle, in a top rated, author approved and branded product that is completely body safe and easy to use.

The smooth silicone surface warms quickly to your own internal temperature, and the weighted balls can be safely retrieved via the soft, flexible attachment on the cradle. The whole set is completely waterproof and submersible, with water based lubricant a recommendation prior to insertion. The 50 Shades Ben Wa Balls can be worn for extended periods, or for kegel type exercise sessions, with a new thrill emerging for many users as they go about their day without anyone knowing the erotic secret that is quietly stimulating them without much effort.

Clenching the 50 Shades Ben Wa Balls will draw them up a little higher, and flex your pelvic floor. When used in conjunction with oral, clitoral or anal stimulation, a new sensation is discovered, as your body naturally tenses with the pleasure, the balls will move more inside you, creating the most intense and memorable experience.

Product Details


Total Length: 6.5 inches
Weight: 1.12 oz. each for a total of 2.24 ounces, plus cradle
Diameter: 1.37 inches each ball
Circumference: 4.65 inches each ball
Product Weight: 2.6 oz.


Flexibility: Flexible cradle, solid balls
Material: 100% platinum cured silicone, ABS balls
Color: Black and white
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual, kinetic
Shape: Ergonomic, round
Power Type: Manual, kinetic movement
Lubricant: Recommended water based
Skill Level: Any
Powerful: Yes

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