Fetish Fantasy Cat O' Nine Tails Whip

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Product Overview

  • Leather tresses
  • No-slip grip handle
  • Comfortable holding
  • Perfectly balanced whip
  • Handle loop for hanging it up

Product Description

The Cat O’ Nine Tails is a whip model with leather tresses that can be used to tease your partner sensually or to punish them if they’ve been naughty. It is made with a sturdy handle wrapped in leather, allowing a no-slip grip. The handle and tresses are balanced, and you can be confident with this tool.

Ideal for dominant/submissive play,  the Cat O’ Nine tails flogger is a perfect extension of the dom’s hand. The leather is supple and elegant, providing a luxurious feel. The handle has a loop that you can hang your Cat O’ Nine Tails whip on and have it grace your wall of toys.

Product Details


Length: 17.75"
Weight: 0.8 lbs.


Flexibility: Firm, Flexible
Material: Leather
Color: Black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: N/A

Additional Info

Features: Leather, Smooth Surface

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