Eve Discreet Remote Control Vibrating Panty

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Product Overview

  • Perfect insertable sizing with generous girth, a front-facing curve and wired, dial controlled (vibrating) mocha-toned dildo
  • Enjoy as a regular dildo, hands free using the suction base, or slips easily into most harness rigs
  • Forward-facing curve of the shaft gives added and pleasing pressure, instantly arousing the P or G-spot in most users
  • Realistic detail and hefty balls, with pronounced smooth head and curve, gives exceptional performance and feel
  • Naturally antibacterial in nature, the PVC material is easy clean and best stored in the specialized product pouch provided!

Product Description

Create your very own fun and totally discreet vibrating panties, in your favorite special occasion, or everyday pair, with this nifty slim-line vibe, designed to hug the contours of your own body, while sitting snug and held firmly in place by your own favorite and personal underwear. No more bad-fitting from off the rack or out of the box panties, you know your best pair/s, so enjoy them to the max! Let your partner have control over the surprising delights they have in store for you, or sit back and enjoy the sheer pleasure of your own secret!

The four-function, fully wireless remote lets users or their partners administer four separate vibration settings, with a four second on/off switch, ensuring it only goes off or on when intended. Tickle and tease yourself to arousal or climax with the four premium feel settings, or surrender the experience to an accomplice, and have the most surprising and unexpected stimulation sessions ever, at home, or anywhere you dare to turn your underwear into discreet vibrating panties.

A USB rechargeable unit, the vibrator that enables your everyday wear to transform into super-discreet vibrating panties, is an incredible and exciting way to add heat and surprise to foreplay, which can be made to extend for hours on date night, a night on the town, or anywhere you feel in the mood. Your partner can gradually increase the frequency and intensity of arousing bursts of vibration, timing it until you get home, or until the pair of you can’t take it any longer. A great solo or couples accessory to build positive tension and create longer, more meaningful foreplay and love play while having lots of fun and laughs in the process!

Product Details


Total Length: 3.25 inches
Insertable Length: 0.75-inch raised section for maximum stimulation
Diameter: 1.5 inches at thickest point
Girth: 1.75 inches
Product Weights: 3.84 oz.


Flexibility: Firm
Material: ABS
Color: Fuchsia, black
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Splash proof only, do not immerse in water

Additional Info

Controller Type: Wireless remote
Shape: Ergonomic
Power Type: Internal vibrator battery (USB recharge cable included), 1 x 23A remote control battery (included)
Powerful: Yes

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