Anni Torrent Princess Anal Plug

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Color: Pink
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Product Overview

  • Perfectly sized for beginners and lavishly luxuriant for those who like to plug up in style
  • Sleek, smooth design, featuring genuine Swarovski crystal beads and heart
  • lightweight and ‘barely there’ feeling, but powerfully present during arousal, oral or intercourse… and especially at climax
  • Compliments your mood, lingerie, dress, or for any occasion where sophisticated style is a must
  • Romantic and premium quality!
  • Totally gift worthy and suitable for any gender

Product Description

This princess anal plug is lightweight, sleek and discreet. Or at least, as discreet as you want it to be. The perfect beginner’s plug, or for those who demand only the best in quality, design and style. It’s beautifully made by Diogol of Paris, the plug features genuine Swarovski crystal beads and a love heart fixed to the silver-tipped base, which is smoothly rounded and flared for comfort and aids in retention…

Made from durable, temperature-tolerant materials, it warms quickly to your own body temperature and can be chilled or further heated for an extra thrill on application. Smooth lines, a stunning, metallic finish, and those beads… yes, genuine Swarovski that will sparkle in any light and makes for an appealing finish to an already-steaming-hot accessory. For anyone who likes to dress up, or just dress up their butt, this is the range to do it with. Diogol are famous Parisian artisans, renowned for the quality and design of their handmade accessories.

From the tapered, easy insert tip, to the sensual width, the stunning base and glittering Swarovski accents ensures that this is a plug for everyday luxury, or for those special occasions. It makes the perfect gift, for a special person, or for you to own! A gift to you from you, celebrating your good taste, exquisite style and for having an eye for only the very best in both visual and functional pleasure…

Product Details


Size: 1 inch
Weights: 3.04 oz.


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Polished /colored, silver plated aluminum, Swarovski crystals
Color: Red, Pink, or Purple
Texture: Smooth, round/heart crystals
Waterproof: Yes

Additional Info

Controller Type: Manual plug
Shape: Bulb, diamond cut/round crystals
Power Type: Manual
Features: Premium quality, made in Paris, Swarovski crystal accents, stunning color and design
Powerful: Visually appealing

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